Today's appointment

Well I'm home and things are not as bad as I expected no increase in growth no spread to other distant organs bleeding could be due to bladder damage if things get worse I'm to ring other than that see him again in 2 months , thankyou so much for all your responses to me this morning I'm so grateful for your care and time

Christine 🙏🏻😘

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  • So very pleased to hear that appointment went ok .... I hope that you'll be able to feel a bit proud of yourself for showing such strength today and also treat yourself with something really nice too! Thanks for letting us know, have been thinking of you and know lots of others are too....

    Take good care of you lovely lady!!! Sxx

  • Hi Christine Soooo pleased to hear your appointment went well. If you are anything like me I bet you feel like a nap now. I always seem so exhausted after an appointment! Sending you a big hug xxxx Kathy xxx

  • Thanks yes I'm shattered have to admit to taking a 2mg of diazepam to get me there so I'm tired now


  • Defo nap time! You'll feel better for it! xx

  • Glad all is well... You did great 😍

  • That's great news, keep positive if definitely makes a difference xxxxx

  • So happy things went well for you 😃

  • Im so pleased that things turned out better than you had anticipated. Now its time to try and relax by whatever means works for you. Take care. Ali xx

  • I am glad all went well for you today, I agree try and relax now and tomorrow I recommend some retail therapy because you are worth it

  • Pleased everything went well for you today 😊

  • Just read this post after replying to your earlier post. Glad all went well for you.


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