Go on holiday or not?

Good evening lovelies, can you help. I am 5 weeks post op... Have had no complications. (Fingers xd and a hola dance) I am to start chemo at the end of April so my question is...I am thinking of taking TDH away for a week/10 days just before my treatment starts. I will be about 8 or 9 weeks post op. Just to the Canaries for some much needed r&r. Is this a viable plan or am I being totally unrealistic. Is it safe to fly??

Any suggestions and opinions?..


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  • You know we're all going to reply and recommend you speak to your surgeon(!)...but I would be champing at the bit to have a holiday if I were in your shoes! I felt brilliant at 8 weeks post surgery and could have managed a holiday.

    The only thing I'd say is that medical facilities in the Canaries are good, but mainland Spain might be better in the event of any sort of emergency. It might be easier from a travel insurance perspective too.

    If your doc says you are fit to travel, then do it!

    Yosh x

  • Thank you Yosh, I will double check with the team though. An excuse to escape this all encompassing madness would be really welcome and give us both a bit of time to get used to it all.

    Take lots of care


  • I would definitely have been fit enough to fly eight weeks after my op, but not to carry any luggage! Even a case with wheels needs lifting from time to time and that's still not a good idea.

    You need to run it past your medical team but if they are happy, go for it. I'm not sure but I'd be more inclined to go to a destination that has frequent scheduled daily flights to the UK, just to be on the safe side, whereas I think the Canaries is mainly charter flights.


  • Thank you lovely, I won't be lifting! I'm pretty sure easyjet ans Ryanair fly daily now but will check first.

    Take care


  • I felt quite good 8 weeks after my surgery so I would say go now because I don't feel good on chemo. I have my holiday booked 4 weeks after chemo ends and am worried about chemo delsys now.

  • Oh lovely, I hope to goodness you get that break! Fingers crossed for you 🌻X

  • Hello..sorry to be boring but I think that you would need the ok from your team and fully comprehensive travel insurance before you go. I hope you do get to go but your health must come first. xxx

  • I totally agree my health comes first and yes have looked at insurance Β£63 for both of us for 10 days. Thank you f or your reply... Fingers crossed 🌻

  • Hi love,

    Don't want to burst your bubble,but I consulted my team and they told me I needed chemo, (because I had ascites) I was only 1c and was chomping at the bit for a holiday.

    Timescale,op Sept 1st, chemo until March and first holiday early June after scan,bloods etc.

    Just decided to err on the side of caution,have been NED since and can do what I like if I must,

    That is my journey,but we are not all the same,

    Good luck with what you choose,

    Carole xxx

  • Thank you Carole, my chemo isn't starting for 4 weeks so feel it's a good time or excuse to escape. 🌻

  • Go for it girl!! Xxx

  • I too suggest speaking to your team and perhaps opting for the mainland as opposed to an island. However before you go booking a holiday can I suggest you explore how much travel insurance to cover your health issues is going to cost you. I imagine because you have just had surgery this may well be quite high. Ann xx

  • Hello lovely, I had a quick check on insurance yesterday and declaring everything was Β£63 for us both for 10days. Not to scary, through advice from other ladies on here that was with insurewith.

    Take lots of care


  • That's very reasonable. Good luck. xx

  • Go for it. The holiday is what you need. As long as your medical team agree.

    I finished chemo end of January. Still on avastin till October. I've booked two weeks in Cuba beginning of July. Three insurance companies refused to insure me as I'm still having treatment. I tried 'Insurewith' and got insurance with them for Β£114. With my son and partner added it's Β£188. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    Good luck and I hope you get that much deserved break. Xxx

  • Thank you lovely! That's who I checked with too. Have a fab time in Cuba!!!

    Take lots of care


  • You have been given great advice above which I would only repeat but I would probably be wanting to go. But make sure you check it with your medical team. I would also make sure you are on the mainland somewhere close to a very good hospital, and bear in mind the language issue, in case you do not speak the language. My father ended up in hospital in France last year and even though we speak French, it was still very challenging and you need to be prepared for that. Other than that, have a wonderful holiday if you can!

    Nicky xx

  • Thank you lovely! Will take all advice on board.

    Take lots of care


  • DEFINITELY! Go Go Go! Assuming you have no post-op issues, I can't see why your medical team would object (obviously you'll check with them first) but a little break somewhere for you and TDH would be fantastic for the mind, body and soul! Go for it hun! I flew to South Africa 3 weeks after my last op (granted, I didn't need chemo) and I'm totally glad I did. My Onc even gave me details of two Oncs she knew in Johannesburg, just in case i needed them (which I didn't). For one, it totally took my mind off the previous few months and for you, i'd suspect it would give you some seriously good revitalisation ahead of your chemo. Enjoy it hun and send us some photos! Jemima xx

  • Thank you lovely lady, it certainly will be good for both our minds, bodies and souls as we gear up for the Unknown.

    Take care


  • I met with my Gyne-onc 4 weeks after my total abdominal hysterectomy, including both ovaries, tubes, uterus and cervix. At that meeting she provided me with the details of the cancer.

    Since I'm not sensitive to the CA125, I asked her, how will I know if the treatment works? How will I know if it comes back? The answer was CT scan, but the real answer she told me was, there are no guarantees for anyone. LIVE YOUR LIFE!

    I immediately asked her about a trip to Cuba. I didn't even think about the insurance aspect. She said GO!!

    I ended up booking a couple of days later and leaving within hours. I surprised about 30 friends who were going and had the best vacation ever. I had a wonderful time and am so glad I went. The memories of that trip have kept me going when things get tough.

    Wishing you all the best. Hugs,


  • morning Nancy,

    That's exactly what we are thinking, grab life by the watsits and run.

    Take lots of care


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