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Chemo Probs

Hi everyone. Had my 4th chemo on the 13th fifteen minutes into it had a bad reaction. Drip stopped and given more drugs to help deal with it then carboplatin restarted and managed to have the rest of the treatment . Have had a bad week since absolutely shattered and am just starting to feel more in control. Had the results of my scan which showed that they were static .I was hoping for a reduction but was told at this stage that not necessarily happens .Am stage 4. But oncologist happy to carry on with treatment as my CA125 has come down. In top of that my husband who also looks after me has to have prostate removed due to cancer. Trying to stay positive and start thinking of Christmas going to write a list and get organized .Love to all Jean

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Hi Jean

It sounds as though things are going in the right way if the CA125 is going down. A shock from chemotherapy is frightening. Did you realise, stop the pump yourself, and call the nurse button. First time it happened to me I didn't stop the pump myself and felt woozy so didn't call the button. I'm more clued up to it now as it's happened 3 times over the course of a couple of lines. I would imagine it's just the shock of it happening that has knocked you for six this time. My hospital just slows the dose down and it seems to be fine these days though does mean hanging round hospital even longer than before.

You and your hubby have certainly got your share of health worries with his prostate as well. How is he with that? Do you have a date for his surgery?

I hope you can make Christmas easy for yourselves this year as well as enjoying it. Our family have shared out the jobs this year and I'm responsible for the turkey. It will be nice to think everything else is going to be done by someone else.

Let us know how you're getting on. I hope you feel less tired as time goes on and you put that shock behind you.

Loads of love xx Annie


Thanks for your reply. No I didn't stop the pump but will find out how to the next time. Have been told they will do the chemo over a longer period of time. Yes you are right it is scary when it happens. John has been told surgery will be just after Christmas but no definite date yet . My daughter is doing family Christmas and am looking forward to that with my two grandsons who are 8 and 6 along with my son and wife. Take care. Jean xx


It's scary isn't it , happened to me and my treatment was stopped for me to recover then restarted at a slower pace and with drugs to help with allergic reaction. Sorry to read that you and your husband have these health worries wishing you both the best, hopefully each day you will fell a bit better in yourself, have lots of rest and don't do too much. Take care xx


I had a reaction twenty minutes into my Carboplatin.The first three small bags which contained 10 percent was ok. The big bag with the90 percent i had a reaction, it was going to be over 6 hours. If it was delluted more im sure i would manage it. I need this chemo. i am now running out of options. (im having desensitization ). Been told no more Carbo. Will continue with weekly Taxol. Any one else gone through this.? This was my fourth, and ive been doing so well. Gone from 10.000 to 1,000.CA125. Love Megxx

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I reacted to chemo on the third dose during first line but then had steroids to take the night before the next ones and the following 3 went ok.


Sorry to hear you have so much to deal with with the chemo. I haven't had my surgery yet it's 14th December but, I'd like to offer prayers and best wishes to both you and your other half. My long term boyfriend went through major prostate surgery just over a year ago with no further treatment since. Though easily fatigued he has remained well. Love to you both. Carol x


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