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Picc line

Thanks to every one who replied to my fear of having the pic line put in. There has been no mention of a local anaesthetic.I know that would help. I am seeing my. GP tomorrow. And hoping he will prescribe me a few tranquillisers in order to avoid another panic attack.With regard to hair loss, mine went after 2 sessions of Taxol.But I had coloured my hair pink a few weeks ago and at the moment I have some lovely strands of pink left, very thin, but cute. i am sure they will also soon be gone. I am not ready to give up on chemo, Taxol is my 3

Round.and if it will shrink or stop the tumours for a while,then losing hair is nothing.Although age 80, I still have a lot more caravan img to do.Reading all your posts really cheers me up. Big hugs to you all. Yes I like hugs , but not pats on the shoulder! Gill.

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Here's a hug from me Gillian. You sound lovely with you pink hair. Hope the PICC line is done without causing you pain or anxiety. Xx


Hello Gill

I had a PICC Line inserted on Tuesday. They gave me loads of liocal anaesthetic and i felt nothing! Dr and Nurse chatted about tv and let me know what they were doing. Whole thing took 20 mins!

I start to use it in the morning so i am looking forward to not suffering the vein hunt before treatment!!

I hope it goes well for you



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