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Hi there, I am wondering if any of you have been on Avastin for longer than two years. I would be interested in the reason why it was stopped, ie funding or a prescribed period being completed. I have just been informed that my course is now finished. The reason being that the oncologist prefers to stop it before it does damage and lessen your chance of further treatment on it or other chemotherapy drugs, I am aware that it is not available for long periods in parts of the Uk so for that reason, I apologise if I sound unthankful when in fact I am not. It has stablised my OC I dont have any major side effects, so any thoughts on if my onc is being over cautious would be greatly appreciated, thanking you

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Hi. As you know, I was on Avastin for over 2 & 1/2 yrs and made the decision to take a break from it myself. The Onc I attend is of the view, that until any adverse side effects overtake the benefits - I could have stayed on it for as long as it was working and gave me long spells between recurrences. I know that each of us are different and Drs are also different, so don't want to comment on other medics decisions. I know it will come back, but have to accept and cope with that. There are different drugs and combinations including the continued use of Avastin

Back on Avastin again and there is no question of a "time factor" this time either.

We are fortunate that in Ireland we all have access to the same drugs regardless of what hospital we attend. Did you ask if the decision was a HSE funding driven decision.

But, don't worry about decision..,you can go back on it and enjoy the good news that you are stable.


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I actually didnt ask that question but it would appear that staying on it over the two years has had adverse effects on patients with different cancers. So that is why he has introduced a cut off point. My treatment is paid for by the VHI so I cant see it being a financial cutback. I will see my gp and try and see if he can get any information for me, Thanks for the reply


According to the Avastin website you can continue to take it for as long as you are able, providing your disease is controlled and the side effects manageable. Though I have to guess it's worth a break to see if you remain stable without it.

Maybe it's time to have a chat with your oncologist or ask for a second opinion.

LA xx

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I did speak with him on Monday, I had been informed a few weeks ago by Oncology nurse that I was having my final one and I didnt like it one bit because it was decided before I even had this scan. A friend with another form of Cancer is on a similar targeted therapy oral drug. She was told at the onset that the duration would be two years. She attends a different hospital up the country. I could look for a second opinion I am googling and got an address for the manufacturer. I have been under this oncologist for quite some years now and I do believe in him but I do intend to make discreet enquiries through my gp .

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