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CT Scan

Last Friday I was booked for a scan to see if the chemo is working prior to me seeing the oncologist on the 11th Nov . On arrival I was told that there was a problem and that the scanner had broken down and that I would have to contact my oncology team . Am afraid I didn't take kindly to that suggestion and explained when I needed the scan by and wanted an another appointment before I left . After a lot of tooing and froing was given the 10th the day before my appointment with oncologist .They then went on to say that I should request the results be sent over to my consultant when I am there . It's stressful enough without getting to the hospital to be told the scanner has broken down .What happened to the good old phone? Jean

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Don't start me on scans lol



I wonder if Jean's at the same NHS trust as yours Lily-Anne!! :-(


That is so annoying and really there should be more contact with the patient in an event like this.


Believe me, they do try, but perhaps the scanner worked for a few patients before June. They would have looked at her address to see where she was travelling from. I'm sure the later patients were contacted by phone.


Hope you get the results in time. As I have asked how long to get results back and they have told me 48hrs. Fingers crossed for you. You don't need this.



Good on you for insisting but you shouldn't have had to do that. We have enough to deal with without this sort of thing. Could they not order a scan from the next nearest hospital? Our trust bought another scanner so they can deal with this but sometimes have evening appointments when one' s broken down. They do seem to break frequently.


What a mess! Just when you are on a roll with your treatment. Hopefully it will be sorted in time for your next appointment,if not they may give you your next chemo so as not to interrupt your cycle and then do the scan later. This happened to me but for different reasons. x


Having worked as a professional within the NHS for almost 30 years this type of patient experience drives me insane.

If they had tried to contact you but could not they should have been ready when you arrived and had someone meet you to explain exactly what had gone wrong and what THEY - not you - were going to do to rectify the situation.

It is not rocket science but it is the difference between a patient feeling cared and valued or feeling like rubbish.

Unbelievable as it sounds I have had to remind many staff that patients do not attend hospital for pleasure!


Thank you all for your comments and your support. Really worried about this scan wondering if it is working. My ascites is still building up and having to drain on a regular basis .Then to top it off the drain is starting to leak a little. Had a bit of a meltdown this morning not coping very well .Maybe need a couple of gin and tonics. Lol Jeanx

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