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Annie here drain 8

I'm here I was having Clemo today third lot second visit , I have a pernement drain look on it as a new beginning u will like it very very much , I am the only person in Glasgow south who has this asset , I pushed for it as I'd seen it on here , the distrct nurses come in once or twice a week it's like a straw which fills a wine bottle , they cover the wound it's easy on the eye , distrct nurses were visiting t see this drain go back and read my story , please stop worrying look on this as a positive , I don't want to go on and on , but please contact me when it' happining I will give u tips , which u can show the nurses as it might be a first for them , we all read the instructions together , take care comrade would not let me reply t the drain question s had t post hi everybody

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Hi I have a drain for ascites for my heart. I do it myself it is marvellous but bear in mind it will probably need replacing after 18 months as only lasts a finite time.

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This is such a good post Annie, because provision does vary from centre to centre, and it's good to know what can be done to help us.

I'm so glad the drain is working for you. My friend had to keep going back to hospital to have her ascites drained and it would take all day in the waiting room and then being seen. How I wish she'd know about this drain and she could have asked if it would have helped her.

Thanks so much for posting. xxx another Annie xxx


Thanks for posting your experience so encouraging. I was drained yesterday and a request sent in for permanent drain maybe next week or week after. I have had so many drains now it must be an improvement as I can't take many more. Hope you are ok. Love Sue x

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That sounds great and your 'pushing' may help others in Glasgow. This forum is so useful. I wouldn't have known to push for a chest port if I hadn't read about it here and on the US forum.


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