Annie Mulholland (Whippit)

Further to the post from Samjane, Michelle Close Hudson has asked me to post the following (which she posted on the Ovarian Cancer UK group on Facebook yesterday at 18.57). Michelle heard from Annie's family.

Here is her devastating post:

It is with a very, very heavy heart that I am sharing the sad news that Annie Mulholland passed away peacefully last night, surrounded by her family at home.

She was a beautiful and determined lady who made such a difference to so many. Rest in peace and may your family gain comfort from the wonderful memories they will have xxx

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  • So very sorry to hear such sad news my prayers and condolences go out to her family such a sad day she was a really lovely lady xx

  • Such sad news to hear of the passing of Annie, she was an inspiration to everyone on this heartfelt sympathy to her loved ones.

    Luanna xx

  • I'm so so sad to hear this news. Annie was such a help and an inspiration. A truly good woman. Heartfelt condolences to her family.

  • So so sorry to hear Annie is no longer here with us on the forum, she touched all our lives

  • For sometime now I've been wondering about Annie especially as she was such a wonderfully articulate contributor to this forum, well now I have an answer as to her silence. My heart goes out to her family at this very sad time. I will say a prayer tonight and shed a tear for a genuinely lovely lady who reached out to support so many of us with her words of wisdom, knowledge and support. God bless you Annie, you will be sorely missed here. Sleep tight in Gods arms x Much Love Kathy xx

  • Annie was kind enough to respond to my most recent post. Her reply was so wise and helpful. Thank you and God blessxxx

  • Bless you Annie, for your kindness, support and virtual hugs. You were one classy lady and a fierce warrior. Sleep peacefully. Much love Debs xxxxxx

  • This is such sad news,bless her.she gave me so much help when I first started my journey,Sleep well Annie you may not be earth bound anymore but you will be in my heart for every love yvonne x

  • I can't believe Annie has gone, she helped me with her wise words and message of hope when I was in a very dark place. Along with some of the other ladies here I was fortunate to meet her at Penny Brohn and her love of life and determination to squeeze every last drop out of it shone through. Sleep peacefully now Annie after all your hard work for cancer patients, thinking of her family at such a sad time.

    Madeline. Xx

  • That's so sad. She was a true wonder woman and an inspiration. I don't know how she did so much while fighting for her own health. I met her just once at a conference but will never forget her.

  • My sincere condolences to her family. From the moment I joined this forum up until the death of my wife, and beyond really, Annie had been so supportive to me and to the forum in general.

    I also used to read her posts about the campaigning she did for ovarian cancer, without doubt she was an inspiration to many. May she rest in peace. Laurence x

  • Rip Annie. You compassionate soul. Your name will forever be remembered for the gift you have given to the people of Whales.

  • So sad news my thoughts are with all families and friends xx

  • So, so sorry to read this sad news. Annie was a guiding light on here and will be missed so very much. Sending my condolences to Annie's family, such a wonderful inspirational lady x

  • We will all miss your qualities of humankind-ness, Annie. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For those of us who have had the priviledge of being in this OC boat at the same time as you, this site won't seem the same without your wise words but your 'presence' remains in our midst.

    Thank you,


  • So very sad to hear this news. Annie always replied with words of wisdom and encouragement to my many cries for help.

    She was always so positive and upbeat.

    May she rest in peace and may her lovely family find strength and comfort in the coming weeks

    Lisa xxx

  • God rest her soul. Xxx

  • What sad news. She has been such an inspiration to me since being diagnosed in 2013. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.


  • Gutted to hear this news. Annie was so kind, supportive, helpful and inspirational to so many of us here. She will be missed. Rest in peace. xxx

  • So sorry to hear this sad news Annie was always very knowledgeable and compassionate in all her replies. She will be greatly missed

  • I am so sad to hear this news .Rest in peace dear Annie.

  • I am so sad to hear of the passing of such a wonderful campaigner for all women with this dreadful disease . In late March when I got news of recurrence in my peri aortic lymph nodes I got many replies. Only yesterday I read Annie's again without knowing this sad news. Her two replies to me were so detailed and contained such great guidelines about questions I should ask at my next appointment. She had such a vast knowledge about the subject and referred me to websites i would find helpful. I see from the other replies that she gave the same help to everyone on the site. I will miss seeing her name and reading her wise words. May you rest in peace dear Annie. We will not forget you and will continue the fight.


  • Annie was a striking woman with so much energy and dynamism. Condolences to her family and to all her many friends. Her practical support was immense and her no-nonsense, warm, realistic and intelligent comments and replies on this site in particular have been a great help to so many of us, myself included.

    Lucky us to have known her, and may she indeed rest in peace.


  • I didn't know Annie in person, but I wish I had. My condolences to all her friends and family.


  • Very sad news


  • So very very sad. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. Rest in peace dear Annie. xxxx

  • Very sad to see this news , Annie organised the 2013 Ovacaome trip to London for a large group of us for members day . Quite a task getting us all sorted out .... It was a little insight in to what was to come as Annie as so many of you know went on to tackle the Welsh Assembly over their drug fund and not being able to access the drugs she and others like her needed in Wales . She fought tirelessly in raising awareness of Ovarian cancer . Her advice and help on Ovacome and humor was well known and most welcome by so many ladies she helped . Her legacy will be that more women in Wales will know about Ovarian cancer and know Annie's name and hopefully they will get the drugs they need with out going to England to recieve treatment as Annie did .

    Often people say of a person with cancer that they are fighting it ..... Annie was a true fighter not Just for herself but for others too .

    My thoughts are with Martin and family .


  • So sad to hear about Annie: the trip she organised in 2013 was so memorable and we kept in touch after that. She never forgot to ask how my eldest daughter was doing after having major back surgery and how she was coping with her three little girls. Annie always seem to have the right things to say to so many. Rest in peace, Annie, and rise in glory.

    I send her family and Martin my sincere condolences.


  • So sad to hear this news. Annie was the first person I followed on this forum, she was always able to provide support that was compassionate and practical, as well as advice based on great knowledge and understanding of the physical and emotional impact of Ovarian Cancer. Annie's passion and drive for living, was evident in what she achieved for the benefit of so many people. I am sure she will have approached her death with equal dignity and style.

    It feels like we have lost a big sister

    Condolences and love to Annie's family. May you all have peace.

    Love LorainešŸ’™

  • Annie was one amazing lady. She will never be forgotten by us. RIP Annie. xo

  • Such sad news, Annie's words of wisdom have helped me so much over the last 31/2 yrs. my thoughts and prayers to her family. Love Bridie

  • So sad to read this.

  • Another wonderful lady lost to us - sending my deepest condolences to her family. They should be so proud of her strength and courage. Rest in peace Annie xxxx

  • So sad to hear that we have lost Annie with all her knowledge, experience, spirit and dedication to fighting for the best care for us all. Our loss is hard to take but thoughts are for her family at this very sad time.

  • Annie was a warrior and an inspiration to us all. My condolences to her family at this very sad time. Linda xx

  • Oh! I am so sorry to hear of this news. Annie gave me so much inspiration. From across this side of the world I mourn her passing. Somehow I feel as if I have lost a valued friend. Even though we never met Annie I will remember you. X Sharon

  • I was so sad to hear this news - I always valued Annie's posts and responses to others - probably more than anyone else's on this site - she was an amazing lady - so kind, compassionate, generous, articulate and with such immense clarity - she was extremely helpful & inspiring to me & so many others. However, I'm glad she died peacefully and surrounded by her loving family - her posts, all her campaigning work, etc, will live on in the lives of others - she has made such an amazing contribution to so many lives through her work - a life truly well-lived. My sincere condolences to her family and friends - she is surely going to a better place where she can continue to benefit others - a true Bodhisattva. (I hope that this will not cause offence to anyone - it is my belief system & I feel moved to express it as it reflects how much I respect, admire and aspire to Annie's immense qualities.)

  • My sympathies to all her family.She was a wonderful lady and she fought so hard for equal rights to treatment.Its so difficult to realise she only posted here a few weeks ago.She was always full of support and wisdom.R.I.P Annie xx

  • Just back from holiday and distressed to hear this sad news. What a fighter she was and great inspiration to all. Condolences to the family.


  • Rest in peace Annie. You were so helpful and knowledgeable, a huge support. Somehow i thought you'd always be there. Wishing your husband and family strength and peace. X

  • Very sorry to hear about Annie passing away. I appreciated her posts and her passion for ensuring that not only those living on the mainland would receive good quality care.

  • Have just returned from holiday to read the sad news of Annie's passing. She was such a wise lady. Her replies to other women so thoughtful and caring. She instinctively seemed to know how to inform and reassure at the same time. Rest in peace wonderful lady x

  • It's all been said but truly and utterly saddened by this devastating news. I'd messaged with Annie fairly recently and I'd no idea she was so ill. What a legend and inspiration she was. In the nigh on 10 years I've been battling this disease she touched me very deeply in terms of sharing her personal experiences and her warrior like spirit for campaigning on behalf of all of us. A gigantic and immeasurable loss. Meryl xx

  • Very sorry to hear this sad news.

    My sympathy to the family.

    Eileen xx

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