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This is it!!

Getting ready for a sleepless night as tomorrow I see oncologist to find out whether surgery and chemo have worked and cancer is gone!! I'll also find out what this lump (that wasn't an abscess) is. Managed to keep my mind off it all day but now it's all I can think about. I've successfully convinced myself that I still have OC. Guess tomorrow will tell!

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Good luck, I hate appointment day too. Hope is fantastic news.

LA xx


Hoping you geto good news. Keep us posted. X X X x


Good luck hope you get great news.

Even if not, you will know and they will have a plan for you.

Madeline x


Good luck . I've got my fingers crossed for you x


HI. Well, by the time I read your posting - your surgery is over and I do hope that all went well. The guessing game is over now, and I hope that is is only good news.

Regards, Daisies xx


My best wishes


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