Omental Cake Saga Continues

Well my pathology came back with a diagnosis of Metastatic Adenocarcinoma with Papillary growth pattern and psammoma bodies. This I'm told is consistent with ovarian and peritoneal origin. I'm still scratching my head as I had a complete hysterectomy in 2009 and all pathed out clean of ant type of cancer. I guess the good news is that the host of the issue has already been evicted. Now for the next step. Have any of you out there experienced this issue and what was your treatment. I find out tomorrow my next step with a GYN/ONC

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  • Hi lovely,

    I've heard before that you can get OC even after a TAH, I'd assume that there are a few cells that escape and even if they're not ready at the time they possibly attach to something so it can rear it's ugly little head, I don't know I'm not an expert but between everyone on this site I expect put together we're better than the experts themselves! Xxx

  • Hi

    Sorry no experience of this but just wanted to wish you good luck with your app on Tuesday and hope your team have a plan in place soon .

    Love and best wishes Kim X

  • I've read that the peritoneum is composed of the same epithelial cells which line the ovaries which is why you can get it even if the ovaries have been removed. It is treated the same as ovarian. Indeed, I think men can get it too, as they have a peritoneum.

    Good luck for your meeting with your Gyn/Onc tomorrow, All the best!

  • Just wanted to wish you all the best for your appointment tomorrow. I hope they give you a clear treatment plan that you're happy with. Jemima xx

  • I don't have any information but I hope your treatment goe

  • Sorry-goes well

  • Wishing you good luck with your appointment.

  • I also wish you good luck with your appointment. Keep us updated.

  • Well the treatment plan has been laid out, I have exploratory omenectomy next Tuesday, and chemo planned after that. Still scared ....I still have a hard time believing this is happening as I fell super except for this stress factor I have right now.

  • Hi. I've had a similar experience, diagnosed last June more than 8 years after original surgery and chemo knocked the b........r out of sight so it was a huge shock and I was very frightened. I finished chemo in January and life is getting back to 'normal'. I've been amazed and relieved to find that treatment and outlook has improved enormously in the intervening years. I can't say it's been a walk in the park but my fingers are crossed that your treatment goes well too. Best wishes Jo 🌺🍀🌼

  • I am begining this journey with hopes of doing well. Other than physically feeling fine and having a complete hysterectomy back in 09, this makes no sense in terms that I have no family history and did not have any personal history either. I am glad to have found you guys on this site to help with understanding this mess.

    Thank you ladies I really appreciate you and your strength

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