On the treadmill again

Hi all. My last round of chemo ended on 7 May 2015 and I have had a great 5 months of freedom enjoying my garden and some holidays.

Saw my oncologist yesterday and the scan from last Friday shows a 3mm increase on all of the metastatic nodules in my lungs. Not really surprised as I as I have not really been feeling right.

Next week I will start chemo. This time I will receive Taxol [paclitaxel] on its own. The regime will be once a week for 3 weeks and 1 week rest x 6.

Have asked that they put in a PICC line again for my poor veins.

They also found a small hernia just under my ribs - think I may have overdone the gardening!!!!!

best wishes to everyone

Ena xxxxx

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  • Oh dear, that's such a shame, they seem to be very vigilant though, what scan did you have, was it CT, PET or MRI?

    Good luck with the treatment.

    LA xx

  • Chin up - sending positive thoughts.

    Bev xx

  • Oh Ena,

    Am sure I can speak for all of us. So disappointed for you. A small consolation that at least the treatment is in your garden's resting period.

    Hope your treatment goes well and you're up and at 'em, ready for the spring and another gardening season.

    Wishing you the best of everything.

    Sandra X X x

  • I am sorry you are back in treatment.

    My I suggest that if it is offered and you can bare it using the cold cap could help you keep you hair.

    best wishes Georgie xx

  • What bad luck ! We never know where and when the little monsters will raise their heads and it's always a shock and disappointment when they do. Heartfelt thoughts and wishes for courage and fortitude. Liz

  • So sorry you haven't had a longer break Ena. We all hope for a long remission and dread being told it's back. Take care of yourself and I hope the treatment isn't too gruelling for you.

    Sending lots of love

    Annette xxx

  • So sorry Ena, sending you my very best wishes and support for your next bout of treatment

    Jackie 0 xxxx

  • Ena, I'm so sorry that you have to go through chemo again so soon. Hopefully the taxol will do the trick and you will get a much longer break from chemo afterwards. All the best. Ann x

  • Thank you for all of your kind wishes. Lily anne it was a CT scan xx

  • Hi Ena

    I had weekly taxol a couple of years ago for 5th line treatment and it worked pretty well and I was pretty good on it so I hope all goes well for you

    love francesca x

  • Thank you. It does sound quite taxing. Hopefully it isn't

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