Hi every one it's been over a year since my chemo for OC was on 20mg MST but have stopped taking it as pain is much better, however I'm faced with a new dilemma Insomnia I just can't sleep. I've tried everything even sleeping pills nothing still wide awake. Any one else experiencing this ???

Part of me wants to start taking the MST at least that helped me to get a few hours sleep

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  • Hi, Maybe a good idea to discuss with your Gp. Did you do this when you stopped the MST medication sometimes it best to taper the dose reduce it slowly as it gives your body time to re adjust . x

  • Hi yes u r right it's affect of coming off morphine spoke with my GP she's putting me on antihistamine this should help get me to sleep the twitching irritation spasm r all withdrawal symptoms n it's going to take some time for my body to adjust. It's really reassuring to no what's going on.

  • Glad you were able to get some advice x

  • I can not sleep either. Wish I had an answer for you. It's very frustrating. I try to alternate different sleep aids so I don't get use to one. Helps a little but I don't like taking pills to sleep. Hope you fine an answer.

  • It is horrid not to b able to sleep tossing n turning then pacing up n down look over to my husband who is fast asleep n think should I throttle him lol but it's not his fault bless him feel like a zombi all day n won't sleep during the day in the hope that I will b tiered at night but come night time say rigmarole if I find anything helps will tell u so far night all herbal tabs cxx

  • I have the same problem as you,had chemo until end of dec,the Avastin until July.Insomnia was a major problem,still is as I'm back on chemo.Tried sleeping tabs until my g.p did a thyroid test.Its overactive which causes insomnia so now waiting to see specialist regarding treatment.G.P said once my thyroid is sorted then my sleeping pattern should go back to normal. Did u get thyroid checked?

  • It was decided by my excellent GP that my insomnia was down to anxiety. She prescribed a low dose of Diazapam which I take at night. It makes all the difference. I wonder if this might help you?

  • Hi Amaryr yes my GP prescribed me with Promethazine HCI 25mg it 2 really has helped me every night at 9pm take 1 n by 11pm ready 4 bed no tossing turning asleep as soon as o hit the sack it's wonderful 2 b able to get a good nights sleep so happy fresh n full of energy in the morning thanks 4 sharing n all the best ❤️

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