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ovarian cancer cardiff

Hi is there anyone in the cardiff area suffering from ovarian cancer , would love to meet up with someone with the same cancer as me, i am feeling low and anxious at the moment and find it hard to talk to my family as they dont seem to understand what I am going through.... also have found out I have lynch syndrom so feel that my battle has just begun. I sometime feel positive and think things will all be ok but then I go through dark days . Would just be nice to chat with someone.... thanks jane

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Dee Jane,

Annie lives in Cardiff, and she runs a support group for Ovarian cancer people in Cardiff you might want to send her a message.... she goes under the name of Whippit.

Love x G x


Hi Jane,

I live in newport currently having treatment at Velindre, so sorry to hear your in the same situation as me, as Gwyn said Annie has a support group the last wed of the month at Winstones in Cardiff, I might go this wednesday I think its at 11am, Annie would have more details,

Andrea x x


Hi Andrea, think it's in Churchills in Cardiff, not sure what time, been meaning to go for a while but something or other keeps coming up!

Might go if I can sort transport, if so be nice to meet everyone

Love Kaz xx


Getting my winstones and churchills muddled! Chemo brain! Where do you live Kaz? I can pick you up on the way im coming from newport if you wanted a lift,

Andrea x x


Thanks Andrea, but I live up in the Rhondda, hoping to sort out a lift today, hopefully will see you tomorrow.

Love Kaz x x


Sorted lift !! Look forward to meeting you all tomorrow! xx


Thankyou for your replies , I will contact Annie and see what time the meeting is,look forward to meeting you all if you are going, Thanks Jane


Dear All

Our informal group in Cardiff meets the last Wednesday in every month except December any time from 11:00 a.m.. Sometimes husbands/partners/friends join us for lunch in the bar at about 12:30

Churchills Hotel

No. 3, Llandaff Place, Cardiff Road

Llandaff, Cardiff. CF5 2AE

Tel: 029 2040 1300

Fax: 029 2056 8347


You'll find us in the bar in the comfy leather sofas and everyone is very welcome.

Jane I'm also sending a PM with details to get to the hotel and my mobile phone no. I'm in London Monday/Tuesday but back Tuesday night. I know just how you feel being isolated by a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. You'll find us very informal and friendly. Sometimes there's only just 2 or 3 of us and we'd love to meet you xxxx Annie


Hi Jane, I live just outside of Newport and was diagnosed with 1a Ovarian cancer and am recovering from an abdominal hysterectomy that has knocked me for 6. I don't need chemo but get comfort from reading the boards and have found the information do invaluable. Ande Kaz and Annie have sent lots of comforting words, where really I should be offering this back as I dont have to endure the chemo. I feel I owe a lot to these ladies as well as others on the boards. I wont be able to make tomorrow's meet but will be thinking of you all.

Hope you all have a lovely time, nurses still want to see me and I quote "will be seeing me for some time still"

I hope once I am healed I can make a meeting next month. It's what I get for being larger lady size 20 I guess..

I am now unemployed, took the redundancy package and how I am feeling, so tired struggling to walk for more than 30 mins because of the internal pains! I am wondering if this will be better by the time my 1st 3 month check up takes place. I am praying so. X x


Hi Carol

Do hope you'll be feeling better soon, I was the same for at least ten weeks after op, struggling to walk far but it does get better, promise!!

Shame you can't come tomorrow, it's the first one I've been able to make it to, I've managed to sort a lift out so I'm able to go this time, but look forward to meeting you in the next one.

As for not having chemo, I think you had enough of an outing with your op and wound healing problems, don't think I could have put up with that very well!!

Take care,

Love Kaz xx


Hi Jane, so glad that you have lots of replies. Just to say that I also have lynch so totally understand how you feel. No doubt the rest of your family will also undergo genetic testing for lynch. Hopefully the counselling they receive before the test will help them understand a little more how you are feeling.

Take care



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