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Hi all, hope everyone is doing ok. I have PPC stage 4. I have just recurred after finishing 3rd/4th line in March.( had two months of Caelyx which didn't help my ascites so switched to Carbo/ gem which worked almost immediately.Had a CT on Saturday. Yesterday after a very uncomfortable weekend I had my ascites drained 4.5 -5 litres ( a lot of it in the bed but great relief.) Saw onc who says I need to try Taxol alone now 3 weekly . Just wondered if anyone had much success with this. I asked about Avastin after 2nd line and my then Onc dismissed it without much discussion. I didn't realise at the time I could only have it after second line. My now onc looked into it last time but said I didn't qualify. Beginning to think some of my options are running out. Any thoughts would be welcome. Thanks.

Sue x

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Hi, I have Stage 4 ovarian cancer and at the end of May I had 15 weeks of Taxol weekly should have had 18 weeks but due to side effects I just had to say no more but IT WORKED brought my CA125 down from the thousands to a low hundred and a good scan report. My cancer has been constantly zapped since 2013 and now I am having three months holiday away from hospital's to build up my body for September when I see my consultant to see what's next. Avastin didn't work on me. Good Luck and keep fighting.

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Thanks for your encouraging words and so glad it's helped you. Enjoy your 3 month break I really enjoyed mine. Let me know what happens to you next. Good luck. Sue x


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