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Screening for ovarian cancer in high risk families

Today, the UKFOCs study has been published.

The actual article is behind a pay wall, but the commentary is available to see here:

For those with more than one case of breast or ovarian cancer in their family, it makes for interesting reading.

Adam Rosenthall, the principle investigator of the study will be presenting at members day in May, so if this is an issue you are concerned about, do please keep your eye out for the registration form in the next newsletter (Due at the end of January)

We will also be asking Adam to write a piece for the newsletter.


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Thanks Louise,

I have just been confirmed as BRCA1 positive so I found this very interesting reading, as will my four sisters who are currently waiting to be tested,



Thanks, Louise. It's good to know these links are being investigated. Well done!

Love Wendy xx


I hope the Adam Rosenthal you are talking about is the same Adam Rosenthal who carried piggy my debalking surgery in August this year. He is a gynae oncology surgeon at st Bartholemews hospital in London and is a really lovely man and very well respected surgeon.


Ooops, blooming phone, obviously piggy should read out (don't ask me the connection lol) anyway I apologise.


Yes the very same!


Interesting but when you get down to it they are still saying: the problem is catching it earlier. We can't figure out how to do that yet. It basically reinforces theat they can only spot OC when advanced and physically visible by ultrasound... Of #course# it would be good if they catch even one person through screening, and great they are investigating the BC/ OC genetic links - but it seems to be the same old problem otherwise...


Hi there I have been reading about the screening can anyone tell me roughly how many years could it take before an advance stage of cancer is found in a person OC runs in my family I find it very interesting i am having problems myself and nothing has been found.


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