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Patients call for fair Cancer Treatments in Wales

Patients call for fair Cancer Treatments in Wales

ITV Wales have been running a series of programmes this week about issues that may affect the way people vote in Wales in the May elections.

The final programme at 6 o'clock last night was on our cancer services. Follow the link if you wish to view the news item.

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Hi Annie

Just watched the item- 'Annie's Army', what an inspiration you are. I have told everyone at work to watch the programme on Wednesday and have hopefully instilled an awareness of OC in a much younger group of women ( I'm like a second Mum to most of them, being at least 30 years older!).

The only man in our team of 17 is fully aware of the disease as his partner's cousin died recently of it- only in her twenties and a bride of not much more than a week as her prognosis was so bad.

Shall we call you General Whippit now or Field Marshall?!


Anne xx

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hahahaha! General Whippit! That's hilarious. I laughed too when the news item described the Patients' VOICES Event as 'Annie's Army'. The Welsh Government is going to think it's under assault by Thursday morning.

My reflexologist was asking about it the other day and said how did the 'demonstration' go? It was a civilised convention! honest! lol

Right at the end of the clip we were all having a belly laugh. One of the press asked the Minister of Health and I to 'get closer'. You can just about see me flinging my arms around him. I hope nobody thought I was attacking him.

Just think if every women with ovarian cancer was able to raise awareness amongst 100 of her friends, colleagues and family as you're doing, then we would get the message out there and we would see fewer women diagnosed too late to hope for a cure.

Power to your elbow! xx



Hi Annie,

Looking good lovely, you are an inspiration,doing good and long may it continue,an inspiration to us all.

Must say its lovely to actually see ladies that you only see in static posts,we all come across differently in real life and much better.

Went to a coping skills lecture this week and you would not actually have thought any of us was ill as we all looked so glamourous and capable, are we just putting on an act or do we feel that good?

Does it really matter, every day is a performance, (for anyone)

Good luck with all you do

Carole xxx


Annie = Legend. xx


Well done Annie,you were very concise,informatitive and you got the msg across.And you looked wonderful.xx


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