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Decision time: What was your second line treatment and did it work....(especially for platinum resistant)


Hi! After just 4 months of remission from 10 rounds of carbo/taxol my CA125 is at 850 (was 27) and scan shows progression. My oncologist is recommending Doxil as a single agent, one infusion every 4 weeks. In the meantime I am getting another opinion next Thursday. I have already been rejected from a clinical study because I don't meet one of the criteria and there are no other studies available right now. I am considered platinum resistant so no carbo now. I would love to hear about your second line protocol from those who are platinum resistant. I'm stage IV ovarian (but only because of initial pleural effusion, so really 3C). Scan shows nodules but luckily no spread to other organs. Thanks in advance! I'm feeling like this will be a big decision.

Kathy in Seattle

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Hi Kathy I relapsed 4 months after carbo/taxol and my Ca125 went up to 1993! So I too am platinum resistant and BRCA negative! I’m now on weekly dose dense taxol for 18 weeks had 6 doses up to now and on a trial which added in cediranib last week. The taxol really kicked it’s ass as after 3 doses my Ca125 came down to 345 I get it checked again on Monday and hoping for a further drop x

This regime has been good and I’m managing to still work, I’ve also used the cold cap so still have my hair too x

Good luck with your decision xx let us know how you get on x

Bev x

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That's awesome Bev! May the positive trend continue. Thank you.

Mom has confirmed reoccurrence 6 months after front line (thought doctors believe reoccurrence was 5 months after). She is on doxil monthly and Avastin every fortnight.

Hi there. Im thinking of trying doxil with avastin too as plat resistant and brca neg and allergic to taxol! Which hospital is your mother at as not all hospitals offer it as an option?


I recurred about 8 months after first line chemo. I’m stage 3c too. For second line I had the same as first line. Taxol and carbo. On the third infusion of carbo though I had an anaphylactic shock so carbo was stopped. I carried on with taxol only. Unfortunately I recurred again after just a few months.

Third line I’m in weekly taxol again.

Thinking of you and wishing you all the best. They will find a treatment for you. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻xxxxx

I know they consider platinum resistance if it’s less than six months before recurrence. However I was told by an oncologist (second opinion) that if it wasn’t completely floored during the previous dosing then that’s not necessarily the case. I also recurred less than six months after my treatment last year. The options for me were. Caelyx or a trial. Have you thought about a trial option? I wouldn’t rush into a decision growth rate even for high grade would still give you time to think. I’d also ask what paid for options are on the table. They aren’t allowed to volunteer those unless you specifically ask. I wish I had known that months ago

LA xx

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Thanks LA. I've already been considered for a trial but I didn't meet one of the criteria. Based on my research, I don't see any other trials in my area that I would qualify for. I will be getting two second opinions. I have a million questions that so far have not been adequately answered. That's interesting about the platinum resistant thing.....I truly believe they didn't totally get it all during front line.

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AZ suggested I call individual hospitals rather than look up the trial directory, they also said that if you are too far from a hospital with a trial that may be okay for you, then you can ask to be reviewed locally. Never tried it, but they seemed to think that's available


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