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Ovarian Cancer - Upper Lymph Nodes

Hi There,

My mum has a lump on her neck which we have been told is likely to be connected to the cancer. Mum has Advance Stage 3/4 ovarian cancer. Has anyone also had this, is it likely it is in other organs if her upper lymph nodes are enlarged?

I know we will understand more when she has her hysterectomy op but would like to know if anyone else had the same? I am hoping it hasn't spread too far. Mum is now receiving chemo for 3 cycles before her op.

I wanted to know if the lymph nodes enlarge sometimes but aren't actually infected with the cancer?

Many thanks. :)

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I had an enlarged neck node for three weeks which my GP said was hard and may be cancer related but it did just disappear by itself. Xx


Yes they do enlarge usually infection for general population but sounds as though her team think they're related to the cancer. They will, I expect, do a histological test to check if they remove them. I was stage 3/4 on diagnosis in2010. Came back in soft tissue next to my sternum and disappeared after further chemo.


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