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I know some of you ladies go to The Christie and I am considering a second opinion there. It is some way from where I live in Lancaster but needs must and I am sure some of you travel a lot further. Could I ask if there is a Consultant anyone would recommend mine at Lancaster is so negative I can't really cope with it any more especially as I shall be undergoing more treatment shortly and I need something to cling on to.

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  • Yes Prof Gorden Jayson he is really positive and very knowledgable. Your other option could be to go to St james in Leeds?

    I live in East Lancashire now and I see one of the consultants from Preston in Blackburn. I assume they have a similar arrange in Lancaster?

  • Prof Jayson's reputation goes before him. I'm treated at the Marsden and travel 2 or 3 hours from Cardiff for appointments but for me it's worth it to be at a larger centre with a better choice of options. I was really impressed with the team from The Christie who gave presentations at Target Ovarian Cancer's Ask the Expert Day last May in Manchester. Professor Jayson gave a fantastic talk that even I could understand! They all seemed so approachable and empathetic - and of course it's a wonderful hospital.

    Good luck. Ask for a second opinion soon. A second opinion is in the Patient Constitution for NHS England and Manchester has just been awarded devolved status for the NHS. A few of us asked at the NHS Cancer Patients' Conference how that would impact on patients outside the area accessing The Christie but we didn't get a clear answer. I heard from a dickey bird that NHS England are reviewing patients' rights to a second opinion.

    xx loads of love Annie

  • Hi. I'm being treated at the Christie and Prof Jayson is my Oncologist. He is a wonderful man. I travel from Belfast to see him. I was told by a consultant in Belfast that there was nothing they could do for me after a failed attempt at surgery. Even though I was stage 4 I was not prepared to accept this and I went for a second opinion so thankfully here I am today responding to your mail.

    It is most definitely worth the trip and he is positive but also realistic. I know I would accept what he tells me now good or not because I trust him and I think that's so important on this journey. He is also supported by a great team. Let me know if you need any other info or if I can help. Julie xo

  • Thank you very much Julie. My treatment has been brought forward because of bleeding. But I shall still be seeking a second opinion at the Christie. Hopefully with Prof Jayson. I shall certainly let you know how things go and if I need any further info.

    Best Wishes


  • Looked at your profile Julie. So young and beautiful and what lovely children so much to live for.

    Just wondering how you went about contacting Professor Jayson was it via your GP, Consultant or did you e.mail or ring his clinic.

    Do hope you remain well for years and years.

    Thanks for info.


  • Thank you, they are definitely what keeps me going. I contacted Target Ovarian Cancer when I was told there was nothing the could do at home and they gsve us direction. My partner emailed and Prof Jayson followed up next day and then called me on a Sunday afternoon to discuss. I made an appointment for a few days later she within a week I was on the ward in Christies on chemo ! the first day I met him he told me he thought it was genetic as I was so young and be was right I'm brca 1 with no family history of it ! Xo

  • I Was diagnosed with stage 3oc August 12in Bath, but my husbands' job moved to Stockport so was referred to Dr. Andrew Clamp at Christies. I had a lovely oncologist in Bath so was worried about changing, but Dr. Clamp is also lovely very easy to talk to and a very good listener. I have just had my last cycle of carbo/calyx today. This disease is hard enough to cope with so we need to have faith in those looking after us so you need to do what's best for you. I Have read posts on this site similar to yourself and they have got 2nd opinions and done well. Love and hugs Bridie xx.

  • Thanks Bridie. Settled in my mind about it now just have to get on with the Caelxy treatment starting Wednesday.


  • He works alongside Prof Jayson and is also very good. They are a great team.

  • Bridie. I'm back in clinic on 23rd April if you happen to be there and would like to catch up for a coffee x

  • Hi Julie I am back in for results of CT scan 9th April, so really hoping for some time out this time and hoping to stay away from hospital for as long as possible. I shall watch out for your posts, maybe we will meet sometime in the future, I am a bit older than you a spritely 71year old. Love Bridie xxx

  • Hi pat

    Me again. I went for a second opinion at Christies in November 13 and I saw PRoffessor Gordon jayson. I am now under his care he is very knowledgable but just as importantly he takes time to talk things through with you and explain things. I went the first time with about 14 questions written on a long sheet of paper and he made sure I asked them all. He has the ability to make you feel at ease and gives confidence that you are in the best hands.

    I travel fron North Wales about 45 miles but well worth it.

    If you do get a second opinion make sure you ask for him by name not just a second opinion at Christie.


  • I am sure I keep deleting my replies. Just waiting to hear from the christie. My gp has written to professor Jayson requesting a second opinion. Fretting he won't see me now.


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