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Hi everyone

I need your help in getting the our Thunderclap campaign with enough votes to trigger. The Ovarian Cancer Aware campaign is supported by ALL the charities and it went live last night. The aim is to get enough votes for it to be pushed out on the last day with the same message.

please can I ask you all to sign up with Twitter or Facebook or BOTH!

You need to allow your account permission, please ask of you got any questions

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  • Done twitter and FB. Thanks for making us aware of the Thunderclap

  • Done on facebook. I am not on twitter

  • This is a great thing for these charities to be doing jointly.

    However, the assumption that all or most people have Facebook or Twitter accounts to promote this message seems shortsighted to me.

    Especially in view of the age profile of many of us.

    And a distaste for social media which I'm not alone in having.

    How about suggesting forwarding the link to all our contacts as well?

    Same result, without excluding some people. I'll be doing that.

  • Signing up with your Facebook or Twitter is the easiest method there is an option at the top to sign up, however the aim of thunderclap is to blast a message out to as many people at once so by using your accounts. By registering it will allow you to send a message to all your contacts at the same time at 11 am on 31st and we might reach people you are not already our contacts.

    Please spread the message whatever way you feel comfortable with.

  • Signed up!

    Annette xxxxx

  • Its a fantastic idea- I've signed up and asked some of my friends on Facebook to do the same which I'm delighted to say they've done!! The more people who do this the better as it could potentially trend and then reach even further... :-)

  • Thank you ladies, please spread the word, let's see if we can get 500 people to do the same.

  • signed up via face book many thanks xxxx amazon

  • Done on both x

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