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Caelyx and the Heart

I know everyone on here is so knowledgable , someone is bound to have some the answer/advice I'm looking for .

Does anyone know why they carry out a heart echo before commencing Caelyx?

My result came back btwn 45/50% , my Onc says ideally it should be above 50% but she still wants to go ahead with chemo.

I'm so anxious about starting this drug now, really don't want to add heart trouble to my list of ailments.

Please can anyone help with advice or experience?

Many thanks

Lisa x

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I had the same just before the Caelyx infusion was started : if a heart echo is the same as being made to lie down with suckers attached all over one's chest attached to a machine, that is? The leaflet says 'Liposomal doxorubicin can affect the way the heart works but only usually when it’s given in high doses. This is usually temporary. You may have tests to see how well your heart is working before, during and sometimes after treatment. f you have pain or tightness in your chest or feel breathless or notice changes to your heartbeat at any time during or after treatment, tell a doctor straight away. These symptoms can be caused by other conditions but it’s important to get them checked by a doctor. '

So I wouldn't worry, they need to have a 'before' picture in order that they can monitor changes IF you do have any of the above symptoms. Good luck!


Hello Lisa. My Mum has just had her second Caelyx. She had an echocardiogram some time ago though because during her debulking surgery in April 2014 an irregular heartbeat showed up - atrial fibrillation. So she needs to start taking blood thinning tablets as she is at risk of a stroke. :-( She wanted to check with the oncologist to make sure it was OK to take the blood thinning tablets before starting them. She's seeing her GP on Friday so hopefully things will be resolved. She was such a fit and active person (she's 78 but you wouldn't believe it) and never took tablets. Now she's rattling!!! But I will be interested to read any replies in relation to your query.

Best wishes.

Jane X


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