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Hi there have been on Avastin since Oct 2013 had some Gem which I finished this time last year. I get voice changes and sinus problems. However had to go to see an ent consultant these past few weeks. She has mentioned that my nose s sore so got some cream for that. It has been sore more like a cold sore to me and I thought it was gone but she said nasal passage is inflamed. She has sent me for blood tests and I am back to her in a few weeks. She also mentioned Sarcodsis and Wegeners and the blood tests were for those. I am wondering if this is all connected to Avastin. If not I am worried that if the blood tests are positive for what she mentioned will my oncologist stop the Avastin. Any information would be appreciated. I know Avastin can affect the sinuses but the ent consultant seem keen to keep me busy going for more tests. I dont know whether to be worried or not

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  • Oh, please keep me posted as I am on Avastin and have a sore nose. I hope your issue is resolved soon and youcan continue with your treatment. Jo

  • I know its common for a runny nose etc and hoarseness and the oncology nurses agree with this, they are more on the ground with the patients. I thought I just had a cold sore as it was very painful, but felt it healed up, it could well be part of the course and this ent doc is over fussy

  • My voice has gone hoarse but the cancer's coming back so the avastin isn't working well anyway. I'll be off it and on carboplatin again soon. Until I read your post i Thought my hoarse voice was due to hahving several colds over the winter but maybe it's the avastin.

  • Suzuki. I know we have talked about this issue - sore nose. I had a similar problem but with bad bleeds - so was referred to ENT surgeon and both nostrils were cauterised, last Nov. Problem solved, thankfully.

    For others reading, I am on Avastin since Oct 2012, but had a wash-out period prior to the turned into 9 weeks, and am back on it again. My body is doing its best to throw all sorts of side effects at me, and heading in for a pain block epidural on Monday next, and waiting for clearance on Avastin to have a cateract removed.

    But I suppose the option if I give up Avastin is not nice.

    Suzuki - take care, and if you feel you want a 2nd opinion - go for it.

    regards, Daisies

  • Thanks Daisies well the Avastin went ahead today so I assume my blood results from ent are in my file and that there is no reason for me to stop. I would hope there is communication between the two depts and they would have to be careful. I am back to ent in two weeks time and hey ho Avastin again the week after. Should I move nearer the hospital haha. I hope the epidural works out for you and gives you some relief. The onc nurses know I am hoarse and not making an issue out of it so not stressing too much this week. As for a singing in the choir, I am a disaster at the moment. I will be off on a rant again after seeing the ent surgeon. Good luck for Monday Joan

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