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After nearly a year of throat problems and 3 ENT consultants today I feel I got answers. The senior ENT consultant I saw explained what was going on in my throat and explained why it could be Avastin. Apparently we all have various sinus cavities producing lots of fluid every day. Mine are so congested that my throat has becomel totally inflammed and also congested. He thinks there is some silent reflux going on too. So yes the avastin is at the root of this as we know it causes sinus problems. He then couldn't understand why my oncologist didn't add throat to my scans as it wouldn't cost any more money. I have a scan on Tuesday so rang oncologist secretary and throat should be added to my next scan. I have high dose omeprozole for a week to blitz the congestion. I feel relieved he saw the state of my throat, considered Avastin and have scan arranged. Sorry ladies I'll stop going on about my throat now but it has been a trial xx

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  • Glad you are on the way to having it sorted.

  • Aww Tracy so glad you are finally getting it sorted, it's been going on long enough...

    Take care

    L x

  • Glad you got that sorted, I was also sent to ent for consult while on Avastin. I got Neil Med Rinses and a change of Nasal Spray Dymista for use when needed. Both did the job, the first cleared the gunk and the second worked on the nose but only allowed use it for a few days at a time.. I was both hoarse and husky and my voice would dissapear at times. My gp was convinced I had some unusual disease and no one except the senior consultant in ent agreed it was the Avastin. I suggest you get the rinses they only contain salt and bicarbonate of soda. All the best

  • Thank you. I've been using neilmed since may and honestly don't know how bad I would have been without them. I've been given a nasal spray too today. Let's hope spray , neilmed and omeprozole help. Thank you for replying x

  • No problem at all, I used dr jakeman cough sweets to help the husky voice. The spray is good too as long as you dont use it for more than seven days at a time.

  • Goodness me...your poor thing...all that worry...glad its being sorted. I'm on Avastin and didn't know all that info. I wonder why they just don't include throat, abdomen etc as the norm...even moreso when there's no additional cost...saves a lot of time! Love Michelle xxx

  • Glad you got some answers and hope symptoms improve love Kim X

  • Hi Tracey,

    I have been on Omaprezole since op,the whole digestion thing is horrible,but hopefully you have it sorted now ,

    Love Carole xx

  • I'm glad you are now getting sorted.. It's a relief when you know what's going on in your body.. Take care.. See you soon.. Xx

  • I had the same problem this time last year. I had antibiotics, antifungals. Ppis, mucus thinners - all sorts. I eventually was prescribed a long dose of antifungal meds (even though the camera did not show any obvious fungus) and this eventually cleared the soreness and callouses. I still have a phonic gap so my voice is still very hoarse. I have just had my 33rd infusion of Avastin.

    Hope they manage to sort your throat out soon. Sandra xx

  • Thank you. It's made worse when oncologists dismiss all of this. Cancer has been a breeze compared to the throat issues. TheENT was so understanding of the pain and so kind I could have cried x

  • Thank you for posting this info - I've had 4 Avastin treatments so far and have got a constant sore throat and (sorry) a phlegmy cough. General consensus is that it is a virus, but I think it is probably the Avastin. I have mild acid reflux and asthma too, so am upping the preventatives for these and will resume using Neil Med rinses to clear my sinuses. Thanks again for sharing this.

    Ali X

  • Yes I have asthma meds too. Good idea to keep on top if that x

  • Think your post will provide a lot of answers to the lovely ladies on avastin and allay a lot of fears ... glad your getting sorted out best wishes for your scan 🤗

  • Glad you're getting it sorted. We really don't need any more on top of what we have already xo

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