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Hi can u ladies help , I had a hysterectomy in sept last year , years of bleeding , kept my ovaries ,consultant said they were in good health . Been getting pain where my public bone is and pain when I wee . I been getting constipated but always have . Stomache been bloated a lot . Well I just moved and changed doctor , done urine test they called me and said I had infection and blood in urine , took antobotics . Went back to doctor all clear but she sent me for a ultra sound last Friday .Now I'm frightened when having scan he said u need to see a gynaecologist urgent u got a cyst 5 1/2 cm on right side and a cyst on other ( not so big ) had to have a internal scan to , kept saying fax over to doc urgent . Went straight to doctors and receptionist said they been ringing up to see if we got fax . Went straight in to see doctor , had to have blood test and she referred me to gynaecologist ,that was last Friday got hospital appointment on Monday .I am now worried sick as appointment so quick , thinking of the worst.i just cannot understand in September , she said my ovaries look healthy , sorry to go on but freaking out .

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Hey Jo,

I totally understand being freaked out when things seem to happen so quickly, especially when the story seems to be changing rapidly. It can be very scary indeed and you just don't know what to think.

My consultants have always been very keen to emphasise that things that look odd are both a) very carefully and quickly investigated and also b) usually benign, especially when it comes to cysts, which can pop up pretty quickly, apparently.

It's tough with the weekend looming ahead before your appointment on Monday, and nobody would pretend that the waiting game is an easy time! However the sooner you do find out what is what, the sooner you will know what there is to deal with. I hope your weekend is as restful as possible and that the results of your appointment are just what you would like to hear. Very best of good luck wishes for Monday. Keep us all posted.

Best wishes,



Thank u for your kind words , it's good I'm getting seen quick but trying not to think about it but it's always there . Will let u know how I get on . Thank u again x


Hi there Jo

So sorry that you are going through this. Most cysts are benign, but the waiting game is awful. Even if there is something there , at least it has been caught very early. Poor you , you are still getting over a major operation and now this. Try to keep busy between now and then , spend time with people you love and try to get as much exercise as possible....not the best time of the year

Do.let us know how you get on Jo

Love and hugs xx


Thank u Charlie yes it the waiting , so am trying to make my self busy x will let u no how I get on on Monday x thank u ladies again for your support xx


Thank you it's the waiting ,still having problems with my bladder which I went to doctor in the first place , went back to doctor Friday and she said wait for results first ,then maybe have scan on bladder x will let you know thank you so much x


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