Hi ladies could you please help , I had a hysterectory in September last year for years of heavy periods . I kepted my ovaries as they said they look healthy and I did not want to going into menopause at 48 . Been having problem when emptying my bladder so doctors sent Me for an ultra sound . Everything has changed ultra sound showing large cyst on right ovary ,had to see a consultant within two weeks had Mri scan straight away .consultant more worried about other ovary , so within three weeks I had my ovaries taken out . My c125 was 35 which consultant said was good x it's two weeks now and still waiting for the results . Could anyone tell me how long they waited . I just want to know it's the waiting x. Some ladies have found out. From there doctors I thought they were coming through the post . Would love to here from you ladies thank you

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  • Dear Jo

    What a dreadful experience. After surgery the surgeon visited my bed and asked if I wanted her opinion or to wait for a histology report. She was able to give me her views from what she had seen, and the histology report, which took six weeks, confirmed that.

    I hope your team have organised a proper follow-up appointment rather than a letter or phone call. There may be so many questions you want to ask.

    Meanwhile I hope you're recovering well and not getting too many night sweats or other symptoms that seem to go with the removal of ovaries.

    xx Annie

  • Hi thank you for your reply , consultant came to see me and said my right ovary has endomossi with a little black cyst which looks benign but still not certain about the other one ,that the one Mri what showing something might be there. All the consultant said was not to go on hrt until results come back , will send a letter to say if all clear will sign me of or they will send me a letter to go back to see him if anything is showing . Thing is I went to doctors about my bladder in the first place with pain and the pain worst when I wee now . Feel so alone and tearful .

  • That's such a horrible place to be to feel alone and tearful. Is there someone you can ring and have a chat to? Could you see your GP in case there's something you have have to ease the pain when you wee. I've only ever had that sort of pain a few times and it was caused by an infection which cleared up with anti-biotic. Sometimes when we have a big health issue going on we forget there may be other totally unrelated issues cropping up. I do hope you can talk to someone soon. xx

  • Some really good advice above and I'm so sorry that you find yourself in pain, worried and isolated. As well as speaking with your GP as soon as possible, it may be worth ringing your consultant's secretary as they may be able to find out the time frame for you. At least then you will be clearer about how long until the results are back and can confirm the arrangements by which you'll get them. I think sometimes knowing how things will work can make the wait a little easier though not knowing is always difficult at times, especially when feeling vulnerable due to symptoms.

    After my surgery I was in hospital for 2 weeks and then home for two before I went back for the results and a post-op check up but this may be different depending on the hospital, team and nature of the operation.

    I hope as Annie's suggested you've managed to talk to someone, wishing you strength and hope, Sxxx

  • Hi Jo, the usual is to return in a few weeks for check up and get results then but hospitals differ. I would go to your gp with your present difficulties he may well have got a letter by now from your consultant and perhaps can put your mind at rest. It is normal to be sick sore and sorry after these operations. I hope you are not doing too much around the house, your pain could be an infection or scar tissue. I really hope things work out, ca 125 seems normal enough so just hold on to that. You do need to see your gp for pain relief and or antibiotics.

  • Hi ladies best news ever ,rang hospital and spoke to seretary ,she sent my letter out Monday but had a copy ,all benign so no need to go back , I need to go back to doctors about the bladder problem , thank you so much for your help and all the best with all the problems you are having xx

  • Great news. Go get your bladder sorted now. Probably just a urinary tract infection and a simple antibiotic will sort that. Ann xo

  • Hi Jo67anne,

    So pleased for you. Now you can just take your time to recover and get well 😀.

    Aemi x

  • Thank you everyone again x good luck to you all xxx

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