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CA 125 reading is up


Has anyone had the same as me? - Ca 125 was 23 then 45 now 134 in January but CT scan clear before Christmas. I have had a urine and sinus infection since the 23 reading and have had antibiotics for both - not much better and have now got nasal spray and Canesten Cream because I am sore - this is helping. Has any one else had these problems and if so did they make the CA 125 rise and then go down. I am seeing the Oncologist on 17 Feb and she thinks it is the infections.

Look forward to receiving any help regarding this matter.

Keep smiling and carrying on


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Hi Barbara

It's Sue here! I'm having problems too! My CA125 went up to 55 just before Christmas and she thought it was probably due to an infection I'd had. 2 months later my CA125 was up to 125, I then found a lymph node in my groin so ended up having a biopsy last Thursday, I am now waiting for the results.

I really hope yours turns out to be due to the antibiotics, it's quite possible that's the case. Do you have any other symptoms?

Love & hugs

Sue xx


Many things can cause an increase in your CA125 and it is possible for your CA125 to be increasing before you actually get any symptoms (clinical progression) or for it to be visible on a scan (radiological progression).

Let's hope by your next appointment it has gone down.


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