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Colostomy problems - parastomal hernia?

Don't know why I never asked advice from you lovely ladies before. I am sure someone out there has an answer or can give me some advice.

I have a permanent colostomy following debulking surgery in November 2012. Never knew I was going to have one so it was a bit of a shock.

I must admit I have never accepted it and hate it with every bone in my body. I don't irrigate although this is something I would like to do.

Since June I have been getting very bad pains in the stoma. The stoma becomes raised and the surrounding area very large and a ring of solid mass around the stoma. There is no pattern to when it happens and the pain is immediate, no build up! The pains last around 3 to 4 hours, but on three occasions they did not resolve and I ended up in A&E.

One surgeon said its a parastomal hernia and the other said it isn't. I have chosen not to have corrective surgery as it appears that a hernia can happen again. I have started to do exercises to build up my stomach muscles and am being fitted for a hernia belt.

Any advice on the hernia and/or irrigation would be most welcome. Many thanks, Irene xxx

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Sorry to hear you are having problems with you're stoma.Haven't you got a stoma nurse? They are normally my first choice when I have problems.I have a small hernia near the opening of the colostomy and pain can be awful if the faeces are too solid or slow moving so you need to eat little and often and move about when in pain. Also massaging the area can help move things along and take pain relief that won't cause constipation.I have heard mixed reviews of hernia repair but you need to get an idea of what result they can achieve as hernias can come back.Because of several bowel blockages I have changed my diet and cut out things that take along time to break down, also take lactulose if I feel that I might be constipated and that softens the stools.Hope you get some help soon.Love Viv.

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Thanks Viv. I am going to see my stoma nurse this Friday to get a hernia belt and have a practise at irrigation. I take Movecal for constipation and have tried to change my eating habit.

I think I have been in denial since getting the stoma, but now (after 2+ years) have just got to accept it, and I can't change antpything.

I don't fancy the idea of another operation, especially if the surgeons say it can come back.

Take care and thanks again, Irene xx


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