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Pip ladies if your on second line of Clemo , see the McMillan nurse who does , special rules pip , I went onto top rate pip , make sure u do as the nurse did it in five minutes , I was on the lower rate the McMillan claims are fast tracked , special rules no interview , it's so thing like 130 a week and is not means tested , I felt sad as this illness has made me sick but as this is chronic , I only asked her in the passing as I was in getting drained , glad I did have a good day everybody xxx

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  • Thanks for posting this Celtic. Apparently there are £MMs of unclaimed benefits. It's bit confusing as not all hospitals have a Macmillan Benefits Advisor. I had it on my mind and looked up the Macmillan site but nothing for my hospital so put it on the back burner, then by chance one day in the waiting room a nurse came round with the Macmillan leaflet and said there was a welfare office in my hospital.

    It's worth asking your Hospital Reception or your CNS nurse how the benefits claims system works in your local hospital. As Celtin says it takes a few minutes, you can do it by phone, and you will receive your payment within a few weeks. Worth having for the under 65s as it's just over £7k per annum tax free, and then qualifies you automatically for a Blue Badge.

    A different system works for the over 65 years. xx Annie

  • I was on higher rate from 1st line does it go by grade ? I was advanced stage four but not classed as terminal as treatment was having some affect so not in 6 months period just classed as chronic illness for now


  • Who knows how it goes , I'd thought there was a higher rate for pallitive but no , this us the thing those off you who don't have McMillan welfare contact maggie center just get moving , it's terrible that we have no knowledge Annie xx

  • I think I need to contact McMillan or Maggie Wallace. I applied in June and I still have not heard anything. My OC is stage 4 and although my last chemo stopped in September I am still so very tired and drained.

  • U will hear in January the reasons u give above I'd be surprised if they gVe u it , it's a minefield it's for this reason u must get advice ASAP they will fast track or at least tell u what to say on an interview, take all imformation with u and make an appointment , ASAP have a good day x

  • I completed second line chemo in May but spoke to MacMillan nurse and she thought I was too well to claim PIP. I have stage 4 OC and due follow up appointment on Friday. From what I know it is based on how it affects your personal care and mobility and I am still independant. Unaware that it is based on how many lines of chemo undergone? in Jan last year the Consultant said that prognosis wise he had some survive 4-5 months and some 4-5 years so don't fit into the "terminal" within 6 months category.

    Any experiences/advice greatly received.

    Love Wendy xxx

  • Speak to a McMillan benifits person or maggies , protect yourself get this done , special rules does not always mean pallitive , and from what your consultant said four months four years see someone else good luck x

  • I was visited at home by a nurse from our local hospice in February while I was on first line chemo. She told me about pip, & told me she could arrange it over the phone to make sure I got it before I reached 65 in June, & save me doing the paperwork & having an interview. I was granted the top rate in two weeks.

    Nine & a half months later, I've been back on chemo since the end of July, weekly Taxol, should finish in the new year. I'm still getting pip. I agree with the other ladies who suggest getting advice. So often we don't realise what benefits we're entitled to, or the best way to apply in our own personal circumstances.

  • We are in a state of shock and don't think of that side of things , first line I thought I'll sort the bloody bugger out and be fine in a short time , now on second line realize I'll never work again forced me to ask , this is why I'm pushing for you girls to attend to this don't be shy this bloody government mist certainly won't approach you happy days xx

  • Will finish my third line chemo in June and just wondered about any updates on PIP allowance. I have secondary cancer in Liver, Spleen, Peritoneum and other wee spots. I am independant and score zero on the personal care and mobility components on assessment. Does anyone else fall into this category but still receive allowance? I took early retirement through ill health so receive my workplace pension. Just curious! My daughter due to go to Uni in September so anything extra would be a bonus.

    Regards Wendy xxx

  • You should qualify on low rate as you are on Clemo go to citizens advice or see the welfare nurse at the hospital , search her out . The pallitive care nurse did it for me though I had to look her out . She can fast track it on the phone deal with this

  • Special rules are only supposed to apply if you have been told that you have 6 months or less to live. A medical professional needs to complete a DS1500 form and not all doctors are willing to do this. Someone asked my CNS at The Christie last year and I was told it did not apply but I know there are plenty of people that have had longer than 6 months and have been successful

  • No cure cancer operation not possible . Who knows how long anyone with cancer has yo live . But if your on Clemo u should get low rate xx

  • I know someone who was cut off and the minute the Clemo was mentioned put back on , def low rate

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