Good afternoon ladies, since my diagnosis 12 months ago my friends have sort of established ourselves as the F**k Off Cancer Girls we had t shirts printed for my chemo sessions and started fund raising. The first one was the Mcmillan coffee morning last September where we raised £2500.00. the next event was the jumping out of a plane my Daughter and her friend did which I have already posted raising £1000.00. The most recent one was last Friday we hired a golf club and did a McMillan lights night and raised £7000.00 we are all still buzzing about it that's over £10,000.00 raised in less than a year. its give me something to focus on other than the beast beneath operations etc. so just thought I would share that with you all!

ps I am the one in the middle

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  • Go Girls !!!

  • Absolutely fantastic ! Well done !

    Judy x

  • That's fabulous Alison and well done to you all! !! As you rightly say it's a wonderful cause to focus on and taking attention away from the beast as it were!

    I'm a firm believer that the beast likes nothing better than fear and attention so give it as little as possible I say! ! Wonderful to you all! !!


  • Girl power at it's best, way to go.

    LA xx

  • Fantastic go girls x

  • You look amazing and that is fabulous girls! Loving the f...k off logo you sound like you have lovely friends to support you, hope you are well

    Carole xxx

  • Go Alison and the F**K off ladies!

    Well done!!


  • Superb..... totally love the F**k Cancer... I say it quite often myself!! Well done xxx

  • Keep up the good work my sentiments exactly 😀

  • The Beauty in you will beat the crap out of the F Beast. Bests


    PS Loved the tees. .....Remarkable Attitude

  • That's awesome well done.

  • Brilliant photo! And great to focus on doing something positive, really inspiring. My daughter and I doing Race for Life on Sunday so we'll also be women with attitude in pink! Some way to go to match your fundraising though!!

    Madeline xx

  • Brilliant. I did a lot of fundraising too and managed £7,500 in a year. It definitely does focus the mind. You have wonderful friends. Great photo. Ann x

  • I'm overwhelmed by what you have achieved. You are certainly living up to your logo! Brilliant! xx

  • Total admiration to you. Well done.

  • brilliant, well done Alisonxxx

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