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Syringe driver for nausea

Does anyone have experience of a syringe driver for nausea? Feeling really sick is always my main problem and I'm shortly starting gem and cysplatin (if anyone has experience of that as well) My consultant said I should get this driver put in. I still work and run around with kids so I'm not sure how this will work or where they will put it ? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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Hi EllaRose

I have never heard of a syringe driver. I have a cathport but I don't think its the same thing.

I had Gem/Carbo/Avastin and found it manageable and was not sick at all. Wishing you all the best




Hi Ella. I think your Consultant is very forward thinking offering you a driver as you start your treatment. When I first started gem/cisplatin I suffered terrible nausea, lost over a stone in weight in 5 days (soon put that back on !) and was hospitalised for 6 days. The only thing that got the nausea under control was the driver. Basically its just a small, very fine needle that sits just under yr skin on your arm ( I assume it could go anywhere). this is then attached to a battery operated pump which you carry round in a bag like you would an over the shoulder handbag. Ive only had it whilst I was in hospital (twice) and it works so quick so I cant answer what its like to have one at home. All I will say is the driver is a god send when dealing with nausea.

With regard to having gem/cisplatin then my experience wasn't too bad, nausea and tiredness being the worst symptoms. I hope this information helps, I for one would have the driver in a heartbeat. I hope your treatment goes well xx

Kathy xx


Hi Kathy

Thanks so much for the reply. You have given me more information and positive help in your post than all the googling and searching I have done. It's put my mind at rest about having the driver and I think I'll go ahead and get it done. Good luck with your treatment x


Dear ella rose, i had huge issues with pain control, nausea and anxiety. My pallative care team wanted me to have a syringe driver but I was very reluctant as i didn't want to be drugged up to my eyeballs all the time. Looking back now and hindsight being a huge thing i'm now kicking myself. I had a syringe driver in a few months ago which the district nurses used to top up every day. This one was set up in my belly but i only had it in for a week. Since then alot has changed and i'm now at a hospice. It was the best move i ever made. I now have a full time driver inserted in the top of my arm. I have found that carrying the driver around in an over the shoulder bag makes things a lot easier. I kept forgetting it was there and i would be walking away with the driver on the floor. I feel that my pain is being managed really well for the first time in two years. The meds in the driver are adjustable and if you find that they are making you feel too groggy you can speak to your team and ask them to adjust them. If i can be of any help then please do get in touch.

Shabila xxx


Hi Shabila

Thanks for the reply, it's interesting to know where you have the driver and that you carry it with a shoulder bag, gives me questions to ask where they insert it. I'm glad they are managing your pain now. I have asked to be referred to a hospice so I can visit, even though I'm not at that stage yet, I'm aware i'm running out of treatments. How do you find it there if you don't mind me asking?

Please stay in touch if you need to talk xxx


Syringe driver very easy to operate and if effective will be a great boost for you. Good luck with the treatment. No experience with this as had Carbo/Taxol twice.

Love Wendy xxx


Thanks Wendy

You've all given great advice, as usual with me fear of unknown is worse, once I have info I feel better - thanks xx


Hi Ella Rose,

I had a Syringe Driver for the sickness which worked well but after a while I found that I would shake a lot. The District nurse aside that this was a side effect of the driver. Initially I could not swallow medication orally which was the reason I was given the driver and I did have it for several months. However, I managed to take a liquid anti sickness at this point and I have to say I felt so much better from this point on I was able to concentrate etc I have not looked back. However everybody is different.

Good luck with whatever decision you make.

Love Sue


Hi There. Was interested to read the replies for others in relation to the syringe driver for pain relief. I had a session in hospital very recently, due to bowel obstruction, and to ensure that I getting pain relief and also Valoid to ease nausea, my Doc opted for the syringe driver.

It was inserted into my tummy area, no problem with that, but the little insert site had to be changed every 48 hours, also as Valoid can crystallise in the tube, the driver can go 'wonky' and not deliver any pain relief & nausea relief. But it certainly worked most of the time and had it in for only 6 days.

Anything that gives us pain relief in good & welcome.

Best of luck and take care, Daisies


Thanks Daisies for the info. Hopefully I have a few weeks break before I need to deal with it. I inject clexane Into to my stomach area every day and there's nowhere there without a bruise, so I think it will be an arm, at least I know a lot more info and questions to ask. Good luck xx


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