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Chemo deferred for 2nd time 😩😩😩

Chemo has been deferred for a 2nd time due to low neutrophils 1.1.

I'm so frustrated as this will be my final chemo .

Has anyone else had this experience and how long it's taken for the immune system to recover ? I know we are all different and our body's recover at a different rate .

Has anyone any advice on any medications I can ask for to boost my immune system ?

Bloods again on Friday consultant Monday 24th so frustrated 🙁🙁🙁

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Hi Coxzar yes this happens to me all the time - neutrophils regularly run at 1.0! Finally got to the stage where my oncologist was happy to give me the chemo as long as my neuts were at 1.

Around a week laterI'd have daily Levogastrim injections to boost my white cell count - I'd have them for a fortnight. I completely understand your frustration as there's no foods etc you can take to improve things - I used to try to rest plenty and fingers crossed!

Try to keep positive - you're nearly there! !

Love Maz xxxx


It's really quite common and as the effects are culmulative it often happens towards the end of the course. The neutrophil level can start to go up fairly quickly for the same reason that they are often hit- these cells divide pretty quickly! There are some drugs that stimulate production of neutrophils- they are called GCFS and are injections that affect the bone marrow where the neutrophils are made.

My neutrophils were hit right from the start of chemo and I had a few deferrals early on and then had the injections throughout in order to have chemo.

I do remember how frustrating it was and its especially tough when you're so near completing the course. My only advice would be to distract yourself with good things this week- eat well, get outside, breathe deep and find beautiful and funny things each day (almost certainly won't make any difference to your neutrophil levels but you definitely deserve it!)

Good luck for the blood tests, best wishes Sxx


I had low neuts during Chemo and had gsf injections everyday apart from two days. One year on it is still a bit low. You should not worry, it is annoying but you will get through the treatment. Give yourself a treat. X


Hi there, Coxsar, I had my chemo delayed twice. One of those times was for massive spider bites I got when I slept outside on my porch on a hot summer's eve. The bites swelled up to the size of marbles and stuck out all over my torso and legs. We didn't know it was insects at the time. The doctor was trying to determine what would cause an outbreak of that kind. Looked hideous! You can delay your infusion dates a few times and still complete an effective course of treatment. To boost my immune system I ate high quality organic macro nutrient fresh foods, drank no alcohol, stayed out of public places where germs gather and got plenty of sleep. Currently 8+ months NED with fingers crossed.


Thankyou ladies for your replies I will indeed take any advice .

It's very frustrating but I know I just have to wait it out until I'm well enough for the last treatment 💪😁


That's a shame. My team always say short delays don't affect the outcome but you must be desperate to be finished and start recovering x


Hi, I was plagued with this problem during 1st and 2nd line chemo. They prefer your levels to come back up naturally. I rested lots, had plenty of naps and just hoped for the best. On one occasion it took 7 weeks and on another, 8 weeks, but it did come back up And I got my chemo. There is an injection they can administer but as far as I understand it, you have to be showing signs of infection before they can administer it. Don't worry, you will get there eventually, better safe than sorry in my opinion. Ann xx


Hi Hun, just catching up with this. How frustrating for you. I'm sorry I can't give you any advice but i've got all my pinkies crossed that the next set of bloods give you the go ahead. Not long now and you can celebrate the end of your treatment! Jemima xx


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