Suggestions for bloating and back ache

Having been laid low now for several days I had a driver fitted due to vomiting and nausia. Feeling slightly better now that the driver has been removed and replaced by tablets, but still suffering with bloated ness and back ache. My back is most likely due to me not being very mobile but I feel extremely weak and dreadfully tired. Have others experienced similar and how did you overcome this.



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  • Hi Joy,

    I had this most of the time... and the only way I could ease it was by applying heat... I bought hand warmers and tucked them in the back of my pants...a hot water bottle if you haven't got handwarmers...I also bought an electric throw which helped such a lot, mine was from Argos but I bought a cheaper one that was slightly smaller but the same make from Amazon as a gift for a friend ....this worked a treat as well x G x

  • Thanks Gwyn I normally use a hot water bottle but because the weather has been quite hot, I hadn't thought, but will do that now.




  • Cherry stone cushions have been my backache solution for years, partly because they are so easy to heat in the microwave but mainly because they form to your back - means you can lean back on them and they kind of form around you


    Sue xxx

  • Dear Joy

    This sounds terribly uncomfortable. Recently I bought a new reclining chair. It's just an Ikea one but it's slightly pliable and is the most comfortable chair I've ever had. I wonder if it's worth looking into something that will support your back and perhaps tilt back to ease the discomfort of bloating.

    I do hope you can find something to make you more comfortable. It sounds horrible.

    with love xxx Annie

  • Dear Joy

    I got backache when the bloating got too much. I have a small battery operated massager that I can position on the worst bit, lean bak and relax! My bloating is usually caused by ascities, so when it builds up, it does so quite quickly, and results in me being drained, which also stops the backache! Like Annie, I also have an ikea chair, it's a poang rocker, I also have the ordinary poang chair, I wonder if its the same type?



  • Dear Chris

    Yes mine is a Poang Armchair too - at £50 and I also bought the footstool which cost £60. I tried the rocking chair but found for backache the armchair provided the most relief because you can push back on it and it seems to support the base of my back where I get the most discomfort.

    They're a bit naughty as the cushions fall apart once you wash them but overall for the price I think they've been an excellent buy.

    xx Annie

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