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Looking for 65+ year old cancer survivors for research project

Looking for 65+ year old cancer survivors for research project.

We have been contacted by a researcher who is working with Macmillan and they are looking for some people to take part in some online research.

They are looking specifically for anyone who is over 65 who has been diagnosed with cancer at any point in their life.

The findings of the research will inform Macmillan’s plans for developing new services and for influencing key decision-makers (as respondents will have the chance to speak with them directly through the forum) to bring about the changes that are needed to ensure that the needs of the 65+ communities are being met.

The results will help to build a picture of not only where inequalities in patient experience may exist, but also why that variation may exist and what can be done about it.

The research will be conducted over a period of eight weeks from October. All that will be required from interested individuals is their occasional feedback - of which responses can be made at anytime - to subject matters posted. Their responses will be integral to the future of the 65+ cancer support community.

If you would like to participate in a very important online research community which commences Friday, 3rd Oct (2014) then email or call on 0207 617 7621 or - preferably - register your interest at the following link

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How can I register? I have registered to participate in this forum. But the link does not recognise my email address.


Maybe call or email the researcher, I cannot try as I am not over 65


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