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Still undecided on treatment

Hi everyone,am still in a quandary as to whether I should have both carpoblatinand taxol.Not sure my body would survive the side effects.

My surgery two months ago left me exceptionally weak, with low blood pressure, anaemia, exceptional bowel problems, breathing difficulties, which led to my re admission with pneumonia, I had blood transfusion which built up my bloods.this in addition to dreadful nausea.

I am worried that given my track record I will not cope with both meds,so am therefore considering dropping the taxol.

please dont ask me if I discussed this with my oncologist as he was very impersonal and I felt as if I was on at conveyor belt, signing off my cancer treatment form with as much attention ats my gas servicing!!!

I always feel we should know our bodies and have respect and thereof go with our gut feeling. Any thoughts please????

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Oh dear, what a terrible worry. How awful you feel your oncologist hasn't given you time to discuss everything, or take an interest in the wider picture. I'm just wondering whether you could ask to be referred to someone else, either at the same hospital or elsewhere. I do think much depends on the personal relationship between a patient and their oncologist to really get the best out of it.

I had single-agent Carbo-platin as first line treatment - not by choice, but through an administrative error at the hospital. As it happened it was a great success and I had 2 years free of chemotherapy after that. My second line was a dual agent plus Avastin and it was a lot more tiring. I'm just wondering whether you could try the recommended dose for a session and see how you get on. Each of us seems to react differently to chemotherapy so it doesn't necessary follow that having dual agent is going to be more tiring or more arduous. They can reduce dose or change the dose as they go along and observe how you're doing.

I really do hope you come to some sort of resolution with all these worries. It's not a good way to start treatment to be worrying it might not be absolutely right for you. Have you tried the nurse-led line at Ovacome? I find them really helpful and knowledgeable and they will certain give you plenty of time to talk through all these things.

Let us know how you get on. xx love Annie


I agree with Annie it does make a difference if you can get the best out of your oncologist, but then sometimes it dosent always go according to plan.

I had carbo-platin /Taxol after my surgery, I didnt have a problem but then again I didnt have other circumstances, You will find that each of us has some kind of different reaction to chemotherapy, unfortunately, Some good, some sail through it and some may have a lot of side-effects, and each on the same regime. If you start to struggle, the dose is usually reduce so that you can tolerate it much better.

I had 27 weeks of taxol only, on one of my chemo regimes I didnt have an problems in the inside but in the end it was my nails, and skin, so I came off it and had 19months remission.

I have started my 4th Line and am on Carbo-platin/Caelyx, I pick up a few tips from the ladies on the site, as to what may happen, which was invaluable, up to now, it is going OK , although tomorrow is my 2nd dose I am hoping the bloods come back OK.

My CA125 has reduced by 500 so it seems a good combination for me, but you never know it could be different for others.

If you are still worrying do ring Ovacome they are excellent and may allay your worries.

Regards Barbara.

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I opted out of Taxol, but not without a chat with my oncologist first. I would say speak to your SCN.



Hi Jackie. I'm sorry to hear how detached your Onc is . Mine only offers information when I ask questions but I've realised how to handle him and have developed a much better relationship over the years. As the ladies have stated above , we can have many different options of chemo and it's combinations . You know your own body if you think Carbo/Taxol is too much maybe try reduced dose or start and then stop taxol . Whatever you decided I wish you the best with your treatment. X Trish


I am sorry your oncologist is so impersonal. I see where you are coming from as rushed out the door in the clinic last week. In fairness, they did have an emergency and they were taken up with that. If you are not happy you can ask to be changed to another oncologist if possible. You should also contact your gynae liason nurse for support or the Irish Cancer Society. If you ring your oncology unit, they will be helpful and give you some tel numbers. I would take what ever is on offer because your bloods will always be checked and if they feel you are not up to it on a particular day they will send you home. You should rest and take more care of yourself and ask for help at home. I assume you are in Ireland so maybe a visit to an Arc Support Centre near you might help also. There you get advice counselling and light massages. Everything is confidential and the volunteers are so nice. Wishing you the best


Go with your gut instinct Jackie. You can always change your mind later. Xxx


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