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Pancreatic cancer

My husband Michael was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer late May with a tumour the size of a satsuma. The oncologist only gave him a few weeks if they could not clear the jaundice but eventually a second stent cleared it. Michael was offered to go on chemo and try to shrink the tumour in the hope of removing it or go for palliative care .As he is 57 we decided to go for the shrinkage of the tumour with no guarantee. He has had one session of Folfirinox and so far all is okay . Anyone got any experience of pancreatic cancer or Folfirnox ?

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You might wish to check out the site called It is support for all kinds of cAncer and from folks all around the world. I am in the US. I wish you both well on this journey.



Sorry to hear your husband is ill, any cancer is never easy. I dont have any experience of that type of cancer. But its a positive the jaundice is cleared and if the chemo is working and not causing him too many side effects, its certainly worth a try. I hope you have a nice oncologist that will answer any questions about the treatment. Wishing you well


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