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Thanks to all of you who sent me such lovely supportive responses to my recent posting. this site is so good for helping me feel part of a community. Anyway i'm pleased to report that we've now booked a luxury cruise to the Baltic going in July which is very exciting. It was rally good to meet some of you at the target ovarian information day in Manchester this week. How good it would be to have regular meetings.

Enjoy the sunshine

Love Francesca x

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  • Have a great time Francesca, much love x G x 8-)

  • It was a brilliant day Francesca. So exciting for me to come to Manchester and meet people there I'd only met online before. I'm just sorry there wasn't more time to talk and I had to rush for the train afterwards.

    Did you manage to take it all in? The talks were wonderful and I was stupid enough to leave my handwritten notes behind. I just hope the slides can be made available as I'm sure they would remind me of the details. So much was explained that had previously been a mystery to me.

    Sunshine here too. xxx love Annie

  • I think I replied to you in the wrong place. I would have liked more time to talk as well. I took notes and understand most of it as have read a lot. I can send you a copy of my notes if you like x

  • Francesca, that would be awesome and really kind of you. I promised Sharon I'd write a blog on the day and it would be so helpful to have your notes. I'll send you my address in a PM.

    Actually my notes got me into a bit of a pickle. My memory recall is still poor from the chemo and I had questions I'd ask each of the speakers if I were fortunate enough to bump into them in the break. I was frightened I'd put the right question to the wrong speaker so I drew little cartoons (nice ones) of each speaker and listed the questions I'd ask them under each one.

    I was just asking my serious question in the break when the prof leaned over my paper and saw his pic. Luckily he seemed to think it was funny! They were fantastic weren't they. One of them told me it was a lot of work to develop those slides and explain very complex biochemistry in simple terms but said it had been a really useful exercise for him too.

    I was really impressed by the humanity and compassion of them all.

    PM coming up! xx Annie

  • i'm back home now so if you want a copy of my notes ( hopefully fairly accurate!) then pm me your address or actually I can email them if you give me your email address. cheers Francesca x

  • Thanks Francesca. I sent you a PM with my contact details a couple of days ago titled 'Notes'. I'd really appreciate a copy of your notes.

    I hope you had a good trip to Kent. xx Annie

  • Hi Annie, I can't find a pm. Maybe I'm looking in wrong place but I didn't have a notification of one. Can you resend please. x

  • Hello again, I've just pasted my message into a new one. I wonder if it's something strange about the version of Health Unlocked I'm using at the moment. It's a trial version so they said some of the functions might not work in the same way as normal.

    If that doesn't work, here's my email: . No problem in sharing this on here as it's easily googled. I can then let you have my other contact details. xxx Annie

  • Hope you have a wonderful cruise. Have loads of fun. Xx

  • Yes it would have been really good to have had more time to meet forum members and other women with oc. I did take notes abs have read a bit when looking for clinical trials. If you can't get slides and let me know what info you want I could send you a copy of mine. I'm at my 93 year old mums in Kent this weekend and weather is lovely x

  • Hope you have a wonderful time on the cruise Francesca. I think it will do you a world of good.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend in Kent.

    Love Mary xx

  • Enjoy it have a wonderful time.

    Love Jenny xx

  • Good trip, Francesca! Enjoy it, and give you many lovely moments and gifts.

    Love, Fernanda

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