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I have been really moved by all your wonderful supportive messages. Thank you everyone. I told my sons today who were very upset of course but it was very moving and at least we have time to say what we really want to and make the most of all the good days. My Macmillan nurse and Gp have been lovely and very useful. I'm making memory boxes for my little granddaughters and I've already written letters and made a CD with the help of Macmillan to talk about my life and my boys childhood etc. Sending you all love and hope Francesca xx

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  • That's what I would do! You are such a lovely Nan and I hope you have lots of memories to store in the future,for your lovely boys and grandchildren.

    Look to a positive future and wrap yourself in the love of your family,you are an inspiration and please keep in touch if you feel you may,

    Lots of love and best wishes,

    Carole xxx

  • I have been hesitant to reply to your heart breaking honest posts because I didn't, t want to say the wrong thing. I just want to say my heart and thoughts go out to you and your family. I can only wish for you what you would you wish for yourself and your family. Precious times hopefully filled with love, care and comfort.Thoughts and feelings shared. Superb professional input ensuring the time spent with family and friends is the best that it can be.

  • You are one amazing lady. I don't really have the right words. I don't know what to say. I really am thinking of you though. I think you are strong and brave.

    Relish all the love you will and are given.


  • Thank you for sharing this very sad news but in such an encouraging way, and for your words of kindness and wisdom over the years.

    I suspect the worst is behind you now you have told them. You're certainly going to be busy......!

    Thinking of you xxxxx

  • Dear Francesca, I have just read this and your previous posts. Like many of the other ladies I feel words are inadequate but wanted to send you love and hugs. I remember reading your story not long after my diagnosis when I was still reeling with the shock and very frightened and it gave me such hope and inspiration. You truly have given the fight your all. I'm so glad you have your lovely family including your little grand-daughters around you and hope you are able to share precious times in the days and weeks ahead. I hope the medical professionals can do something to relieve the itching and nausea and keep you as comfortable as possible.

    With love

    Madeline xx

  • Hi, do hope you are well looked nephew, aged 48 died in a hospice last year and he seemed really in control of which medications he had at the end. It was very calm and peaceful. And my mum asked her oncologist what it would be like almost 20 years ago and he said you just get weaker and weaker and somehow that doesn't seem so bad..

    I am a social worker and your reference to psychotherapy made me smile. Chris

  • Somehow, my computer went funny and left off the bit when I thanked you for your humour...x

  • Francesca I just wanted to pop by and wish for you nothing but peace and love in the coming wks surrounded by your loving family. I truly hope the docs can get on top of everything and keep you as comfortable as possible. What an inspiration you've been to everyone. I'm lost for words at your sad news. Love to you and your family at this time. I'll keep you in my thoughts 💖💖

  • I am so sorry to read your sad news, Francesca. I really admire how you're coping and have so much admiration for you. I'm so glad your wedding went well. It sounded a lovely day. I keep thinking about making memory boxes for my youngest grandchildren but can't think what to actually put in them. I don't feel my older ones will need one but I'd love to do them for the little ones. I'm so pleased you've had such help from your Macmillan Nurse. I've been thinking of writing letters for my four grown up children for years but can't bring myself to actually do it. I was diagnosed ten years ago, then five years ago I had to have a deep melanoma removed from my leg and a skin graft. I was having it dressed one day and the lovely Phillipino nurse read my notes about the Ov Ca and said, I guess it's time to write your letters. I agreed and said I must get on and do it - but I still haven't.

    I hope you can be kept less itchy and comfy in the coming weeks and enjoy the family love surrounding you. You will be in my thoughts. Sending love and a big hug, Solange xx

  • I am sending you love and virtual hugs. It had to be hard to tell your sons but I agree memories are good to make. Enjoy the good days and I hope you will have many yet,

  • You've always been an inspiration to us all. I remember when I first joined this site being in awe of how determined you were to fight this. Thank you for sharing your journey and for all the wisdom and support to many along the way

    May the days ahead be full of precious moments for you and all your family making memories that will stay in their hearts forever just as you will. Your strength and courage to write the letters and make the boxes/cd's again inspires me as a mum and nanny.

    Sending love and prayers of peace xo

  • After battling for many years may you and your family now have times of peace and reflection.

    Love dee 🌹xx

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