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Give as You Live

Give as You Live

This morning I received an email thanking me for a donation to charity. I'd completely forgotten that some time ago I was directed to the Give as You Live website and signed up. Loads of online retail companies will give a donation to your favourite charity if you sign up. It costs you nothing but it could raise vital funds for your charities such as Ovacome.

I just thought I would mention it here. The website to sign up is:

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Many thanks for the Info Annie x


I'd be really grateful to anyone who could explain more about how it works. I'm a bit perplexed having received an email confirmation of a donation through National Express but I've made online purchases at John Lewis, Expedia, and several other of the shops listed on the Give as You Live Site. I must be doing something wrong. Need to get that sorted out. x


Really useful tip, Annie - hope the link above helps you to see where you're going wrong.....

Never heard about it, but now going to set myself up too....

Hope the wedding plans are going smoothly and the weather will be better than this. I'm off to one on Friday, poor things!

Love Chris


Dear Chris

Let's hope the weather clears up for the wedding on Friday. The weather is so unpredictable. We were in Plymouth Monday and it was really hot and yet it rained and was pretty chilly in Cardiff and London.

If it's any consolation the photographer at my daughter's wedding said photos always come out so much better after a shower as it clears the air of dust particles and the colours are much more vibrant. Let's hope the photographer finds a blue patch of sky for some radiant pix.

Thanks so much for the signpost to the way Give as you Live works. I set it up ages ago but thanks to you I've been able to re-read the details. I'll still need to make a trip to John Lewis, etc. to choose but I could then come home and order by post or courrier so a donation is made to charity. It's a strange world we live in isn't it!!! xxx


It is indeed!

I don't know why I thought you had a June wedding coming up....

If you have a Waitrose near you, you can get John Lewis goods delivered there free for click and collect collection.... I get quite a lot of routine things, sight unseen, this way: mothballs, knickers, a new toilet brush... but it would still add up......There's a big range of other shops signed up to this scheme too... M&S, Argos etc etc, but many of them have quite a lot of exclusions in their small print and rates for groceries are mean...xxxx


I'm a 5 min cycle ride from John Lewis but I'll order on line and collect from Waitrose Or have it delivered. It's worth doing especially for big purchases too.

Wedding in France in June. The one with the rain showers was 7 years ago. xx


Thanks, great site , signed up! Like you say , will need to do more on line shopping, but think it lists amazon ? Theyre my main site for online shopping.


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