What's the daftest song you remember from your childhood?

Thanking about Captain Beaky and Hissing Sid got me thinking..... What is the daftest song you remember from your childhood(or later)? Mine has got to be Star Trekin... It was in the charts when I was sitting my A Levels, and helped cheer us up no end! We found it on a website a few years ago and played it for our daughter. She was literally doubled up and crying with laughter!

Happy memories

Love Chris

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  • Haha to start you off how about this Tiny Toons Sing Girls Wanna Have Fun

  • And now this one Lonnie Donegan- My Old Man's a Dustman

  • Ooooooo Gwyn I remember that one and the chewing gum one . How could we have listened to things like that x x

  • Tehhe really funny and showing our age as well although I know I have a decade on you LOL x G x :-/ ;-)

  • And "Does your chewing gum lose its flavour on the bedpost overnight"


  • Don't know never tried it haha xx

  • Those were the days Gwyn .....

  • Those were the days my friend we thought they'd never end oops! ( it's me breaking in to song )xx

  • Here it is

  • And another? Lonnie Donegon-Does Your Chewing Gum Lose it's Flavour

  • Oops I tried to post yours up but keep getting it wrong

  • This is meant to be Star Trekin but don't think it works DOH! Sorry :-( love x G x

  • How about some of the Baron Knights, only problem is, I can't remember the real words!


  • Love that one! Makes you laugh every time

    Thanks Chris

  • One that reminds me of my childhood is Little White Bull by Tommy Steal. I actually saw him live in Half a Sixpence there is another song that reminds me of my childhood. One that reminds me of my kids when they were young is The Birdy Song I can remember them doing the actions to it on saturday nights at The local working mans club. must be about 25 years ago. X x sorry don't know how to download them from you tube but if anyone does I would love to hear them again x x love Babs

  • What a lovely distraction Chris for the end of a beautiful sunny day. I loved Captain Beaky and Hissing Sid, and about the same time a friend and I performed The Telephone Man by Merri Wilson for friends at a Christmas Party.

    There are so many nutty songs. I loved Flanders and Swan as a kid but didn't understand the Madeira joke, and another favourite was my pink half of the drainpipe. Now I live in a terraced house it's even more funny!

    Thanks for the silly memories.

  • Ok so when we have our next get together I want a rendition of telephone man please....

  • I love the Bonzos! My favourite is Canyons of Your Mind. Thanks for the reminder Annie.

    Now, Telephone Man must be one of the most annoying songs in the history of music. Chiggy Bum, chiggy bum!

    Monique x

  • It's shakey bum, shakey bum!

  • After all these years I find out!,

  • I do love these nutty blogs! They're a wonderful distraction. xxxx

  • Who remembers Its Bitsy Tiny Wini yell polka dot bikini , It must have come out sometime in the 50 or early 60's x

  • That was meant to read Tini Wini yellow polker dot bikini it's either the wine or the I pad that is making me spell every thing wrong x

  • Yeah! I remember 'Itsy bitsy tiny weeny yellow polka dot bikini'. I was madly in love with Bryan Hyland when I was about 13 ;-) Hee Hee. Does anyone remember something about

    'ghillie ghillie ossen pepper , cassanella bogan by the sea... ea ea ea ea....' Talk about weird! :-/

    Love Wendy xx

  • Yes that one rings a bell with me. I wonder if they will be listening to Britany and Wil I Am in 50 years time x

  • Nope

  • See that whole 'alternative words' thing deserves a string of its own....

  • Yep! Xx

  • 'Living next door to Alice' springs immediately to mind ;-) lol xx

  • I don't know how many funny looks I have had when I have mentioned this song!!! SOOOO pleased someone else remembers it! I was very little when I heard it and sometimes think I dreamt it. :-) :-)

    Love, Honey xx

  • You should have see what the iPad spelling made of that one!!!!heeeheeee ;-)

  • Yeah Yeah Yeah I like all those too x

  • You have started something now I have been on You tube for the past hour looking at songs from the 60's and 70's it's bringing back so many memories both good and naughty x x

  • Great! Xx

  • Love it!

  • How about Father Abraham and the Smurf Song ?

    But my absolute favourite though is Dana who won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland with "All kinds of everything" in March 1971. My brother was born on the same night and my sister and I were far far more excited about Dana's win than the arrival of our long awaited baby brother. Every little Irish girl dreamed of growing up and winning the Eurovision again. Xxx

  • Love this xx

  • I was talking about the smurfs to my daughter earlier, she couldn't believe it was a real song! Glad everyone's having a giggle


  • What about I'm a pink toothbrush you're a blue toothbrush by Max Bygraves.

    I absolutely loved this record when I was little also The runaway train went down the

    rickety hill...... whoo hoo....... Don't know who sang that one but I could hum it for you.


  • We sing this regularly - somehow we always buy pink and blue toothbrushes!!

  • Oh Annie,

    This brought back memories- when my eldest daughter was 10, she and her dance partner entered the Hastings Musical Festival- a prestigious event up to that point!- dressed as the toothbrushes and did a tango to this. I can see the costumes now- the bristles were made of unravelled mops- and we had to make a gigantic tube of toothpaste. We, that is the proud mums thought they did really well but the adjudicator had other comments. Wish I had a video of it to show her three little girls!!


    Anne xx

  • What a lovely funny picture you paint. I bet you spent hours on those costumes and unravelling the mops! lol

  • Love it. Many thanks

    A xx

  • Then there was 'There's a Hole in my Bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza' ..... by Harry Belafonte I think. We used to love singing that on and on and on and on......till we got told in no uncertain terms to STOP! 'The wheels on the bus go round and round' had a similar effect! :-o

  • now you can all sing along!

  • Haha. Thanks, Annie! xx

  • My fave was Shaddupayourface! I felt it very keenly as a half Italian but... Sort of loved it anyway! Catchy, silly and memorable -- all the hallmarks of a great ish song!

  • Soooooo annoying!

  • ha ha ha - this is fab!

  • Love it! Xx

  • dose anyone rememberThe ugly bug ball?

  • Hope you're singing along ladies!

  • Wonderful .....

  • Lovely! Xx

  • I had this on an LP called Parade of Disney Hits when I was tiny, loved it and knew all the words!

  • Fantastic! thank you Annie, the last time i heard that i was about five years old,love it.

  • I am sure it was a film as well and I think Burl Ives sung the song. I will have to google that now x

  • This one! How do you post the video rather than the link?

    Monique x

  • Great! Xx

  • or maybe this one:

  • That was a trip down memory lane ...... Great .....

  • This is not so much the daftest song as I used to love the original version but does anyone else remember Pinky and Perky? My sister had one of their records when we were kids :)

  • I remember pinky and perky, used to love to watch them. The first '45' I bought so therefore always remember the song for that reason was 'video killed the radio star'


  • This was my first record...

  • And I bet she played it all the time! Haha xx

  • Once or twice! ;) LOL

  • I think it was mine, too, though I'm sorry to say that it might have been pipped at the post by Rolf Harris and Two Little Boys.

    The teddies in your pic are adorable!

    Monique x

  • Thanks Monique, both those teddies went off to their new homes last year :) My Mum bought this single for me as a Christmas present as I liked the song so much (unlike the drink which I can't stand! LOL) Belinda xxx

  • Yay! Pinky and Perky! Loved 'em when I was a tiddly wink! *my dad used tosay,"how are my tiddly kiddly winks?" to me and my younger sister)

  • Ah, I feel my age now,



  • Loving these ..but trying to eat my breakfast as well as laughing .... not easy ....

    Can anyone find me the 'Bump' Brian and I used to dance to this a lot in our younger days ..lots of fun ...

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Here you go Jan - you can relive your youth!

  • Oh ! that was wonderful ...... thank you so much xxxxx

    Love Jan xxx

  • This reminds me of my 21st birthday party, held at home. The floorboards in the front room were shaking so much when we were doing 'the bump' that my dad was worried that we'd all end up in our cellar!! haha

  • There was a song sung by a bloke about a pullover that his girlfriend made for him. Can't remember who sang it. I think the title actually was "This pullover"

    It really is a supercringe one.

    Love Mary xx

  • Here it is

  • :) :) You've made my day Gwyn.

    Love Mary xx

  • It probably wins the prize for the daftest teehee love x G x :-/ ;-)

  • Bit late with this one, but the request was for the silliest song, and here it is

    da,dah drum roll etc

    'My Boomerang won't come back' by Charlie Drake- I actually bought it and then bought 'Right said Fred' by Bernard Cribbins.

    Fortunately, I won't inflict them on anyone!!


    Anne ( aka Penny!!)

    PS We are still in glorious weather mode here but come tomorrow.............

  • Wow, I remember hearing that one, I think one of my cousins had it!


  • Was trying to remember " Right said Fred" Thanks Penny!

    What about

    Lollipop, lollipop

    Ooo lolly lollilollipop

    Had to keep singing that one and still not sure it was right!!!

  • Here it is for you Sue.

  • Hi Annethis is it Charlie Drake

  • You're all probably going to hate me for this one, but trying to remember enough of the lyrics to find it has been driving me mad all morning so I just had to share once I finally remembered... sorry! ;)

  • Hadn't heard this one before, made me grin.

    You lot are so brilliant in lifting spirits

    Love to you allxxxxxx

  • The original version (Agadoo) was MUCH worse!

    Love Chris

  • I remember... wasn't there a dance that went with it too?

  • Yes, which made it even worse!

    Love and giggles,


  • Hi there Belinda ...

    Now this was a new one on me ..but so so funny .....

    Loved this xxx

    Jan xxx

  • There used to be a funny video, made by the Splitting Image team, but I couldn't find a decent version. I'm glad everyone found it funny... its been stuck in my head all afternoon! :/

  • Oh noooooo! This was soooooo annoying!!

  • Brilliant ladies - just logged on and have spent the last 20 minutes laughing and tripping down memory lane, we are all certifiable I am sure - hurrah for that. Enjoy the rest of the day and the sunshine xxxx

  • I tried to embed Angie's choice but it didn't seem to work. This might be one of those silly old songs but it is quite appropriate and is now Angie's signature tune.

    Bobby McFerrin and Don't Worry Be Happy. :)

  • Here's one for Angie

  • Unbelievable, Annie! My Rachel and Beth danced to this too- they had Rastafarian tutu skirts!

    The latter ended up in my dressing up trunk at school and on 'golden afternoons' when the whole of Key Stage one had free reign to go into any classroom they liked I always had a queue! Heard one child say one particular afternoon 'She's got some good stuff in there!''.

    Happy days!

  • Thanks Annie! Now why didn't it work for me lol. That's brought a smile to her face. I have a feeling we're going to be playing this on every hospital visit from now on. ;)

  • You need to put a space after the url to make it work - though I know some people have more problems than others. x

  • That still is one of my favourite songs! :) :D xxx

  • This is gotta be the daftest, and yes I joined the Army

  • As it's "The Official Action Man March Record" yep I agree it is really daft LOL :-/ ;-)

    Love x G x

  • This is Paul's

  • I can safely say I've never heard this one before but it may have got the Chicken song out of my head... or maybe not - sigh! xxx

  • Neither had I LOL xx

  • Definitely a god way of spending a few hours relaxing, some I have

    Never heard before, but we never had a record player, it was always the radio, family favourites on Sunday morning.

  • Always smell the roast dinner cooking when I hear the name of that programme.

  • That programme always reminds me of the sunday roast dinner cooking!

  • What about Billy Cotton band show. I can still remember the tune that started off the program. It was always on when we were having Sunday lunch must be 50 years ago now x x

  • Always look on the bright side of life,di dum, di dum,di dum, di dum

  • For you Babs

  • Now then Babs what about the Clitheroe kid and the Navy Lark ......

    Sunday afternoon while Dad was washing the salad for tea we would listen to sing something simple .....

    Always a roast on Sunday followed by a good healthy salad ..its why I eat so much of it now ..... we then had a block of Aldous icecream from the van that came round in the afternoon ..we had that with tinned or fresh friut or sometimes waffers .

    Mondays were rather different as it was wash day so it was cold meat and boiled potatoes ...... do not eat boiled pots to this day ...hated them .... and didn't much like the cold meat unless it was chicken , funny how things stay with you even after all theses years ...xxxx

  • This blog must be TOP OF THE BLOGS!!!!!

  • Just been telling one of my friends about this blog - here is her contribution...

  • Brilliant! I've never heard that one before!


  • She was complaining about the amount of junk e-mail she'd got today so now I have the Monty Python "Spam" song stuck in my head! LOL

  • "Don't look Ethel" became a catch phrase for a while! My daughter thought I'd gone mad when I sang this to her once...

    Monique x

  • What about this? Itzy Bitzy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

  • And then after high tea we'd switch on the television, which took 5 minutes to warm up, and watch:

  • Added this last night from my I-Pad - so have repasted on the Mac Book Air this morning. I've had such a lovely time reading all the posts and listening to music long-forgotten - and probably best to forget most of it too! ha ha

  • Only caught up with most of these this morning with no-one else around! When I tried playing them for my family yesterday I got a resounding "turn it off!!!" from my son and daughter! No appreciation for some good old singalong songs (although I did agree that some were really annoying). xxxxxxxxx

  • I have to agree as well Colette haha... but today's songs are no better are they? LOL

    Love x G x :-/ ;-)

  • No they aren't. At least we all knew the words to these songs. I can't understand any of the lyrics to current chart songs, but maybe that's because I'm a bit deaf now!! I'm reminded of Peter Kay's concert, where he joked about misinterpreting the lyrics of songs and played them to demonstrate. It was just so true, and so so funny!! :) :) :)

  • I think my vote would go to There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly - a Canadian offering, but well known here in the UK as well! I'm sure we did have a recording of Alan Mills (who wrote the tune) singing it when I was growing up, but I can't find it on YouTube, so here's Burl Ives' version instead:


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