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Poetry book to raise funds for ovacome

Hi everyone,

As some of you know I made a poetry book for our dear gwyn. it was a hard back book which was quite expensive so I would now like to create an affordable one for sale to raise funds for ovacome. I was looking at creating a soft back book of around 40ish pages which would cost around £10 plus p&p. This would give a donation of about £2.50 per book sold.

I would like your opinion on this and also if anyone would like to contribute a poem to the book that would be great. I am hoping to produce the book in October so it can be sold as a christmas gift to help raise as much as possible.

Any suggestions regarding the book such as colours, pictures and front cover would be appreciated. Also if anyone wishes to view the original book let me know and I will give you the details to do so.

Looking forward to your feedback

Thanks Jackie xxxx

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Dear Jackie,

I have saved all the previous poems that were written a while back by others people and myself, so I can email them to you, they are poems that weren't in the book you have allready printed will save you searching through old blogs I will email them to you when you are ready. Love x G x


Thanks Gwyn.

I will probably use some of the poems that I used before but not the very personal ones such as those for birthdays and pets.

My email address is so you can send them whenever you want. I hope you are doing okay. I will be posting soon about all my summer adventures.

Hugs Jackie xxx



I would love to view the original book, if you do not mind.

My e mail address is

Fantastic news about the book

Love Janette x


Hi janette, sorry about the delay getting back to you. I will message you later with the details cheers Jackie xx


Hi Jackie think its a great idea to sell the book we have all been waiting for it Love Babs x


Hi Babs,

I can't wait to get the book done and help raise some funds for ovacome but also to let all the lovely poems be seem buy lots more people.

Hugs Jackie xxx love the tattoo by the way!


Hi Jackie ,

Lovely to natter to you the other day .Did you finish the Gorillas ???

Put me down for a copy please ..told Brian about your amazing book so would like him to see it .

Stick with the same format re colours ect ect it worked so well through out .

Fab idea for raising funds xxx

You can use mine that our dear Gwyn did for me re the toilet / potty /commode in hos in 2011 ! as Brian would like to see that .

Hope to see you soon xxx

Good to have new glasses at last so I can use the net again !

Take care .

Love Jan xxxxx


Hi jan,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. Yes we did get all the gorillas. I went to Norwich on my own to photograph the last 5. I felt a bit daft walking up to them and taking photos on my own but hey ho it had to be done!

Glad to see!! you have your new glasses. Heh heh.

I will let you know when the book is done. If you want access to look online at the original book then send me your e mail address and I will let you know the details.

Speak soon Jackie xxx


Great idea, Jackie! Put me down for one. I'm not sure which poems of mine you have, let me know? I think you have my emails address from previously, but if not, I'll let you know. I also wrote a couple of poems when I lost friends and relatives, they may be relevant to the book. I'll forward them to you.

Well done for getting this organised

Love Wendy xx


Hi Wendy,

If you could forward any poems you have it would be great. Not sure which poems I will be using it depends on space and relevance. I want to try to bring an understanding of ovarian cancer and what it means to go through it with people's poems.

Hugs Jackie xxx


hi Jackie! It may be way too late, but I have now typed up 3 poems. They may be a bit maudlin, or you may wish to use any of them. I'll forward them to you by email if it's not too late?

Love W xx


Hi Jackie I was going to buy the original book but would probably like the more affordable one now. You say you are not using the personal ones such as for pets but lovely Gwyn did one for my Lucy which I would love to see in the book. Linda x


Hi linda,

To make the book more relevant to everyone I was going to just use poems about treatment, emotions, coping etc. however I can add the one about Lucy in your book as I can download it separately. I will see what I can do.

Hugs Jackie


Hi Jackie that would be brilliant thank you. Looking forward to seeing the book.

Linda x


Hi Jackie

I would like a book please and also would like to see the original. My e-mail address is

I have heard graet things about the book and it will be a great way to fund raise.

Thank you,

Pauline x


Hi Pauline,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you. I will message you shortly with details of how to look at the book.

Hugs Jackie xxxx


I would love 2 copies of the book but will you please include

the beautiful poem Gwyn wrote when I lost my precious cat

Sukki which was in the original book.

X Angie X


Hi Jackie,

It seems as though the people that are interested in buying the book are the ones that want their own personel pet poems included,and as the aim of the book is to sell it,this might be the way to go, ( but just a suggestion ) love x G x


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