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Wales Inquiry into Progress on implementing the Welsh Government's Cancer Delivery Plan - Patient Consultation - Weds 14 May - Open to All

Wales Inquiry into Progress on implementing the Welsh Government's Cancer Delivery Plan - Patient Consultation - Weds 14 May - Open to All

Committee Members will be keen to hear your views on:

* the level of support you have received as an individual patient, including whether you and your family have had access to information when you’ve needed it, care where you’ve wanted it, and had access to a key worker and care plan;

* what steps you think need to be taken to ensure cancer is detected quickly, drawing on your experience of accessing screening and diagnostic tests;

* what improvements you think can be made so patients receive fast, effective and coordinated treatment and care, and what works well at the moment;

* what you think can be done to ensure people are aware of, and supported in, minimising their risk of cancer through healthy lifestyle choices.

We will be sending a more information closer to the date. Please RSVP by Friday, 2 May 2014.

Breakfast will be provided on arrival.

For additional information please contact: Tel: 029 2089 8261

If anyone wishes to attend this event please book directly with Rhys Morgan. On the same morning there is a meeting of the Health and Social Care Committee which will receive feedback from a public consultation which took place between Feb and April this year.

By coincidence a cyclist from Sustrans, Graham Harper is doing a mammoth cycle ride of 435 miles on Sustrans national cycle routes from Aberystwyth, south west along Lôn Teifi to Fishguard then east across the Celtic Trail to Chepstow in order to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer. He is calling via the Welsh Assembly Office to hand over a letter addressed to the Assembly and it would be lovely if there a few of us there to cheer him along and make it a bit of a special event.

xx Annie

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Annie, I can't make it to the meeting but, as you know, I have a definite interest.....could I send a written submission? Is it to Rhys Morgan c/o The Welsh National Assembly? Hope you'll feel up to're such an articulate spokesman. How are you feeling now? Haven't heard a progress report lately. Hope you're getting over all the chemo and feeling a bit more like your old self ;-)

Love Wendy xx


Way to go Wendy!!!! I have a formal written submission to be received by the Health and Social Care Committee on the very same day. You can view it at the web address given below. My submission is right down the bottom as it was added this morning after the formal consultation had closed. It's CDP 38 Response from Annie Mulholland. I wonder if you could send your feedback to the committee as a 2nd home owner in Wales? You could check with the committee clerk who's exceptionally helpful. It would be fun to practice your Welsh. x

Helen Finlayson, Clerk

Gwasanaeth y Pwyllgorau Polisi a Deddfwriaeth

Policy and Legislation Committee Service

T: 029 2089 8600

Helen's email address is:

Feedback from the consultation can be read at:

Let me know if I can give you any other leads.

Love Annie xxx


Annie - either I'm losing the plot or there's a typo in your heading. The meeting's on the 14th, not the 4th. We want as much of a response as possible, so it could be worth re-posting.....

Hoping you're doing okay.

Chris xx


Dear Chris

Thanks so much for pointing this out. Typo corrected.

I have a couple of spare guest rooms and live near the Bay if anyone needs overnight accommodation in Cardiff to attend the Focus Group meeting with the early breakfast start. That's enough to put off many people living at a distance from Cardiff.

xx Annie


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