outcome of n.ireland assembly debate on ovarian cancer

I am thrilled to share with you all ,the outcome of the first debate in stormont parliment buildings on ovarian cancer. The n.ireland assembly unanimously agreed, to launch a major health drive campaign on ovarian cancer throughout n. ireland and also to add information on it alongside breast cancer and cervical cancer awareness leaflets.I cried throughout the debate, as I was so emotionally charged. They mentioned my name throughout and thanked me to for profiling the neglect of public awareness on the disease.Frances from target ovarian cancer flew over and attended it with me, which was a great support for me.This is truly a landmark day for the women in N.ireland and for sufferers like myself, as potentially many future lives will be saved.I am just over the moon with the outcome and hope it empowers other women, to lobby in other regional areas of the u.k., and to speak out as if i can accomplish this , anyone who believes and goes for it can too. xx.

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  • Dear Una

    Thanks so much for doing this. It's not only for the women of Northern Ireland but your brave stand will help the women in the other devolved administrations to get some leverage on this issue.

    I'm tackling the Welsh Assembly Government next week when I'm back from holiday.

    What's going on in Scotland ladies?

    Xxxx Annie

  • You an me both Annie, it's time to kick ass in the Welsh Assembly !! Hurry back lol

  • Yes! Whilst we have breath we'll campaign. Xxxxx speak as soon as I get back. Xxxxx

  • That's fantastic - congratulations!

  • I live in England but I consider this a breakthrough for all of us. Thank you! xx

  • Many many congratulations Una. This is wonderful news and so encouraging to all of us.

    Well done indeed.

    Love Mary xx

  • Una, I'm so proud of what you have achieved! You have prompted me to send a email to my MSP urging them to follow NI's lead. May I quote you? Katharine

  • You certainly can.We have the power at our fingertips no matter what limitations we all have ,we are all capable of emailing, phoning or writing a letter to our goverment representitives.Together we can achieve this, all over the united kingdom, as thats the only way the profile abd better research and treatment for this disease is ever going to happenWe have to do it for ourselves and the generation coming behind us.Every major breakthrough or wonderful achievements that have happened over the centuries ,started. with one person having the courage, to go that extra mile because they believed in their cause.A small stone thrown into water, creates a never ending ripple and all is possible, if we tackle it from all sides, together to reach our one common goal.They cannot ignore all of us.Get emailing, phoning and writing letters to your local m.ps as every small contribution when added together can move mountains.x

  • That is amazing, you are inspiring, congratulations on a landmark achievement.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Una,

    what a amazing achievement, this is absolutely wonderful, an inspiration for us all to follow your lead,

    well done

    Jan x

  • Ditto all the above comments. Well Done xx

  • Hi Una,

    Very proud indeed love x G x :-D

  • Well done Una. As I was reading your blog my GP rang me to ask how I was getting on and also if I would be prepared to get involved in an awareness campaign in our local area which is being run by a colleague of her's. I said I would be more than willing so look forward to doing my bit for OC soon! xx

  • good for you fitzy. its so important that we get the symptons out there and educate women to know the signs.x

  • This is fantastic news, one voice can and has made a huge difference. It will encourage more of us to take on the big boys and make ourselves heard.

    You must be thrilled to bits.

    Love Chris xx

  • it was just an amazing day ! i was so overwhelmed as i knew how many lives will be saved because of me speaking out.we all have nothing to lose but everything to gain.x

  • Well done, Una. That is marvellous. I am in Scotland, but don't think I can face taking this on right now. Hopefully somebody can. But you have done so well.


    Eileen xx

  • eileen, even a letter to your local mp. is good and it will keep you positively focused that you are making a difference by your gesture.x

  • Hi Una

    I watched the Assembly broadcast and you spoke so well. Perhaps you should tackle the English issue too!!

    Great result!


  • i am with you annie and will support you all the way even going to england if i have to.xx

  • Congratulations Una, I can't believe that one lone voice could achieve so much. Full of admiration for you.

    Love and hugs,



  • thanks hilary but all it has taken throughout the centuries is one lone voice to make a difference, as other voices join in and make the inevidable happen.

  • Congratulations Una, we are all so proud of you for taking such an active stance and succeeding.. You have helped to save the lives of many women by what you have done,


    Love Sue x

  • thanks sue. we are all capaple of achieving as i have if we go for it.. if i can do it, so can you all.x

  • Wonderful achievement Una. You gave such an inspirational address. Well done.



  • thanks catherine. we all need to put pen to paper or whatever it takes to make the powers of our land to sit up , listen and act in our best interests,if we dont all stand up and be counted and make our voices heard, we will continue to be ignored and nothing done about ovarian cancer in the foreseeable future.we deserve better than this as our lives are just as precious as anyone elses.xxx

  • Well done Una!! :D

  • Well done una, fantastic ambassador, yes our fate can change another's... We are living with the disease, not dying from it x

  • you are so right gill.sometimes professionals write us of before our times and give up to easily on us.if we dont fight our corner, no one else will and we will continue to suffer in silence.xx

  • Congratulations Una ...

    Getting politicians to listen is half the battle in the drive to raise awareness of OC ... Thank you on behalf of all Women out there with OC xxx

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Thanks Jan Though, I must say every one of the politicians i spoke to were very shocked at statistics and very supportive. I think the hardest part, is getting through red tape to talk to them .Once they meet you , they realise that you are not an statistic but a real person and have great apathy with you. we are all in this together, all for one and one for all!

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