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3days till d day

hi everyone hope your weekend was good,had renal test today to check kidneys,also ordered a wig,spent a really great weekend with children and grandchildren theirs nothing like 3 laughing boys to keep your spirits up and wear u out couldnt even think about oc last night i was exhausted.Just read the vit c thing i read something about this years ago and to be fair i have taken full strenght vit c every day morning and night for many and even boosted the dose when ive had a cold i dont think it worked.

Next thing does anyone know if brighton do the race for life only i have done for many years and i cant find 1 close to me in crawley west sussex on the cancer research website keeps telling me theres nothing local.

thanking all of you for being here on our incredible

love Yvonne

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Yvonne good luck with your treatment. You will find that your 3 grandchildren will be your best chemo.

Always remember that on the site there is always someone that can share an experience with you,

Regards Barbara.


Hi Yvonne, I'm so sorry i have no information if Brighton do the race for life, just made me smile when you put about grandchildren keeping spirits up- I have a 1 yr old grandson and i forget everything when i'm with him :-) aren't they a blessing :-). Think the Vitamin C only works when injected- not in tablet form - the body only absorbs what it needs and the rest passes through, where as with injection it's a huge hit to a direct area :-) x janette x


You sound as though you are starting out in exactly the right frame of mind. Bearing with your grandchildren AND laughing! A perfect combination. Positivity will carry you through.



thanku to everyone,well its less then 24 hrs now,and i want to give u a little laugh yesterday had bloods taken before chemo and i was so lucky(not)to get the olympic javilin thrower of blood taking iam not sure exactly how far she went in with the needle but i have awarded her a gold and will be giving her a large swerve in the future.



Yes it was a smile, I am sure that a few of us will know what you mean. Good luck.

Regards Barbara


Good luck tomorrow Yvonne!!! The first treatment can seem scary as all so new, but soon feels 'normal' -what ever that is. Hope it all goes smoothly and you feel ok afterwards.

Great you are so positive and active-I found exercise helped me through my chemo but everyones feels different on it, expect you grandchildren will keep you laughing and active-they sound wonderful ! love Hilary xx


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