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alternatives to hrt

hi just wandering if anyone can recommend alternatives to hrt as im not allowed to back on estrogen due to my recurrence in november. Im 34 and really worried about my bone density in the future also suffering from hot flushes and tiredness, at times im also like a coiled spring poor husband lol . I was told sage is good for hot flushes but not sure what brand to get or dosage .

looking forward to some advice

thank you

sem10 xx

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Hi! I found my local hospitals menopause clinic was very helpful. It depends if your local hospital has one. Also there's a site called MenopauseMatters, in the UK and there's one called Hystersisters in the US. I know there are questions and posts on that one, some of them may help you. The Ovacome website has a helpline number where ther is a nurse who may be able to help you! but it's more likely that the specific menopause sites will help you to find the info that will help you. Any load-bearing exercise ( like weight training, walking yoga or tai chi) will help to build up bone strength. I find a 'Ladycare' magnet (from Boots or Waitrose) helps me with hot flushes.

The Penny Brohn website has all sorts of info about supporting yourself through and after a cancer diagnosis, so you may find some info on there too. I buy my supplements and vitamins from the Natures Best website and there is an email query line which is informative. They gave me good advice in the past.

Good luck

Love Wendy xx


Thank you for your help im on to it lol . I fancy trying the magnic xx


This web-site's got a good round up of info - just put in your search terms:


Hi sorry for late reply im being treated for another condition and one of the meds I am taking can have side effects of softening bones/osteoporosis so my GP prescribed Calcichew D-Forte. Hope helpful


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