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Hot flushes even though very post menopausal?


Hello everybody I'm 57 and went through menopause at 40. I've got 3rd stage ovarian cancer and have had 9 weekly sessions of Carboplatin and paclitaxol and 10 days ago debulking surgery. I hope its my imagination but I seem to be having hot flushes, is this possible, I cant believe my sad, sick ovaries could have had any oestrogen left? Love Jenni

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Hi Jen, yes those ovaries were producing small amounts of hormones....and now none. I was the same and am still suffering with night sweats/day flushes.....but reducing in frequency!! 😥🙂

Hi Jenni. Yes, totally possible. I had already gone through menopause several years before I was diagnosed but 11 years on from surgery and chemo believe it or not I still get the occasional hot flush! xx Kathy xx

Hi Jenni,

I am 62 and nearly 4 years NED and well out of menopause, but still get hot flushes at night, I Just direction a fan at my head and it seems to correction it and I get a good nights sleep, crazy, but reducing as time goes on,


Yes 66 and still getting night flushes after the hysterectomy I had last Xmas. They are much better than at first but do wake me up at night. Hope you will soon adjust to the lower levels of oestrogen in your body. Good luck with it x

I'm 68 and have been having hot flushes since I was 47 - menopause was around 53 years old. They're not so frequent as they used to be for the first 12 years (every 2 hours 24/7) but I still have bouts of them. I even had one with an aura last night - 30 seconds where you suddenly think, god, I feel awful, sick and weird, and then it hits, like being hit with a flamethrower... fortunately, 'aura' hot flushes have been rare down the years. The only thing I noticed after my debulking surgery in January this year was increased night sweats for about 6 weeks. I can't say now that having my ovaries taken out has made much difference either way to the hot flushes, they're about the same as they were before, so I'm not entirely convinced its activity (or lack of) from the ovaries that causes hot flushes anyway. Certainly I recall trying HRT oestrogen patches for two weeks years ago - all they did was increase the hot flushes to every 20 minutes instead of 2 hourly. I've always noticed I just seem to have a wonky internal thermostat since the age of 47 - going from hot to cold rooms will trigger one, as well as having a very busy digestive system (certain foods or a large meal, for instance), and that's still the same now.

I constantly veer from overheating to shivering cold. I am 59 and 2 years post op but still on treatment. Wish I knew the cause- it drives me bonkers.

Hi Jem I was about 8 years post menopausal and still got the flushes again.Surgeon said that my ovaries would have been producing very small amounts of hormones, and then that stops instantly with surgery.

Ellsey xx

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