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Urgent docs appt?!

I went for another scan last week to see if the cyst and tumour are still there. I got a call today from the receptionist at my doctors surgery saying that a doctor needed to see me urgently and that I need bloods doing as soon as possible. I have an appt on Monday to have some bloods done and I have been told a doctor will ring me on Monday to discuss my results.

I am worried sick, the urgency of my doctors, although good, is worrying.

Has anyone been through a similar thing and could advise what the doctors may want to say ? Or what may have been seen on the scan?

I can't help but think the worst.

I hope you are all okay, thank you in advance for your reply xxx

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I can completely understand your worry. Your GP sounds as if he/she is following the protocols in trying to rule out any possibility of it being OC. It may be that there was something that needs further investigation on the scan. The blood test will probably give a further bit of the picture (although, if it's a CA125 test, which I presume it may be, it's not always infallible). Whatever it is, it needs investigating, if only to put your mind at rest. It may be that the GP will want to send you for further investigation, which will hopefully find out why you have been in pain.

Have a look at the Ovacome website, It has lots of fact sheets under the resources tab. It also has details of a nurse-led telephone helpline, which is open moon to Fri, 10 to 5. The info you get on there is all accurate and supportive. I know it's not easy but try not to think too much of the 'what ifs'. It sounds as if your medical team is working quickly to explore the possibilities and put a plan into action to investigate what is worrying you.

All the best

Love Wendy xx



Sorry to hear this - it is completely understandable why you are worrying. I can't help but think it a little unfair on you to be told this news on a Friday and then have to wait the weekend out to hear what they want to discuss further..I really do feel for you. Nobody likes waiting for the unknown...but that being said I completwly agree with everything Wendy has said, in that they are clearly working hard to get you in as quickly as they can to investigate further and get things sorted for you. At least by calling friday they've got you sorted for your blood test and you can prepare yourself a little. Hope everything goes ok for you.

Siobhan xx


Try not to panic too much, when I had my first scan I had a phone call the next day to come in and see my GP, the fact that they are dealing with you quickly is great, there are certain things that flag the doctors attention but it doesn't necessarily mean bad news just that they doing their best for you while you are in their care.

It's always at the weekend isn't it, my hospital letters always arrive on a saturday morning when there is nobody around.

Best of luck, do keep us updated, will be thinking of you over the weekend.



I also remember having a call from my GP on a Friday asking me to make an appointment. Although it's worrying, it does show they're keen to get things moving.



Following diagnosis of kidney stones from CT Scan I had very similar two weeks ago. Doctor phoned with emergency call. She revealed I had a 3cm mass in my stomach with suspected OC. I went through sheer panic, worry, researching google for information etc, I was sent for urgent gynaecology, urgent blood tests, ultrasound etc. After spending a couple weeks worrying, I've just had the all is ok call, nothing to worry about. I still have kidney stones which is a lot easier to treat, but sometimes it's best to be over pre-cautious than missing something. Things can move very fast when they need to disprove something nasty too :). It was a scary time but this website was a great help. The information is invaluable, reading peoples views helped me to be prepared for what ever diagnosis was to be.


Really feel for you: the timing sucks and I would be worrying too: I can't add to the advice that the others have given, please let us know how you are, and I'll be thinking of you x


Wendy's advice is, of course, right and everyone has agreed. All I can add is that the only way NOT to think about this over the weekend is to do think or do something else very engaging -- brisk walks, talk about other things, sew, bake, puzzles, write jjust distract yourself. If you can do this for an hour you will see it is possible. After all, it won't help the outcome to worry about it, but we think it can sometimes, since it is all we can do

As Wendy wrote, the CA125 test they may want has a lot of false positives, sometimes showing high results which might not be. OC, and false negatives since some OC never affects this. It's just the best we have now

I personally think they were wrong to phone on Friday, but under pressure from inflexible targets I am sure. It's better than not referring you of course.

So don't keep reading this website all weekend. Despite the horrible weather get out there or do something else.

We all know how it feels to be in this position. It's normal to be scared but we can fight that, more easily than anything else. All the very best including luck. We will all think aboutv this, so you can try to leave it with us. ,



Take a deep breath, and try very hard to distract yourself over the weekend. Spoil yourself a bit, read a book, chill in front of TV, a glass or two of wine, whatever works for you. Talk to someone you trust. Monday will come soon enough, and then you will get the answers. It's awful, but it's worst of all when it happens on Friday. I was lucky in that the call came on a Monday at 6pm. I was in a state of shock, but luckily I was at home with loved ones all around me. It's tough, I know, but you will be able to cope. Best wishes, Vxxx


I have been where you are can understand how you must be feeling almost 3 years ago I went to see my GP with some symptoms that I thought were digestion related.

I was booked in for urgent blood tests even though the nurse was booked up and later that day the surgery receptionist rang telling me that my GP needed to see me I was terrified but also felt numb


How did you get on today with your doctors appointment?


Hi everyone, thank you all so much for your advice and kind words... They definitely helped me get through the weekend! I spoke to my doctor who said that my scan has not changed in 4 months so I have done a ca125 blood test again. Pay doc has sent a letters to my gynaecologist to try and get me in for my op ASAP. I just want all this to be over! Hope you are all okay xx


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