Here we go again!

Hi people, well got my scan results and things have been progressing since the August scan. I now have ascites again more omental caking, a pelvic mass puckering of the bowel with the possibility of a partial bowel obstruction and other stuff going on. And just for good measure they threw in that I have gall stones and L5-C1 degeneration. Oh what joy. I have been so damn uncomfortable I knew I had ascites again and my bladder forgot what to do at night and then my bowel went weird so Ihad a feeling it was overflow and possibly heading towards an obstruction. Had my last chemo in Feb this year and have been pretty stable but scans only show lumps so the seeding has been nicely growing away. See the Oncologist on Wednesday so goodbye hair for summer maybe.

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  • Thinking of you love x G x

  • Sorry to hear this. You sound like a strong lady and I will keep my fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Sending best wishes and good luck on Wenesday.

    Love Mary xx

  • I'm really sorry you're having to go through this again so soon. That's the trouble with scans. Mine were all microscopic throughout the abdomen and, at first, didn't show at all on CT though I have nodules too now. I'm not sure what L5-C1 degeneration is. Does it show something about recurrence? I know about bowel obstructions and partial ones and I know what you mean... Sending you my very best wishes... . Tina x x

  • Lumbar spine disc L5. Not metastic just probably old age.

  • It's another thing to deal with isn't it .. Love Tina x x

  • Hi TinaB, haven't noticed any back pain or gallstone pain and I know what they are both like from years ago. Just wondered why they bothered to report them in the scan, I guess they have to tell you everything. At least my kidneys, spleen, liver and pancreas are all clear.

  • Yes .. at least the others are clear. I have seeding on all abdominal organs but just on the surface as far as know and also on the bowel and peritoneum but they're only growing slowly at the moment. I adore your pic. Is it of you at school? You've probably already mentioned it in a post and I've missed it? Love Tina x x

  • Yes, primary school. Classic pic with the pencil and book.

  • It's absolutely adorable! Mine are all group pics unfortunately. x x

  • Dear Hereshoping

    I'm sorry to read your blog and am sending loads of love and hugs. I've only just recently received my patient notes. In my last hospital we were never offered them. They seem to me to make quite frightening reading but I'm sure your oncologist will tell you it is all manageable and you can receive treatment to resolve all these problems. It's never soon enough is is to sort things out and make you more comfortable.

    Please let us know how you get on. Some of us aren't receiving hair-loss chemo this year. They seem to have a lot of ideas up their sleeves at the moment.

    Love and hugs. xxxx Annie xxxx

  • My Oncology docs don't mind me seeing my results as long as I am prepared to see the good and the bad and I couldn't possibly wait til next week to know so I am prepared when I see them and have the right questions to ask rather than trying to think of everything at once and take it in. I work in the Hospital and have been a nurse so always look at it in a medical way so its never really been scary. I must admit this time it threw me a little bit with the speed of it since my August scan and I have a morbid fear of naso gastric tubes after being around watching them get done but hopefully being a partial I won't have to go through that one yet.

  • Just sending my love and best wishes.

    Zannah x

  • Oh dear that sounds so miserable :-(

    Glad at least that the scan has given some answers, the worrying and wondering must have been tough. Will be thinking of you weds.


    Sue xxx

  • Ditto to PRchick above. Will remember you in my prayers, I am RC and I believe in the power of prayer. Vicky xxx

  • Hi ,

    Well , can't add more than others have ... Just crap at the moment for you .hoping it will sorted out soon , dy xxx

  • Thinking of you

    Love Kaz x x

  • Thanks for the thoughts everyone. This is the worst scan result since my diagnosis three years ago but onward and upward. Not going to let it get me down. Have a wedding in Sydney to get to next April. My adopted daughter who I met 9 years ago is getting married and my granddaughter will be nearly two. They live in Perth but are getting married in Sydney so everyone can get there easier. Have had the most amazing 9 years getting to know her. I am so lucky. Have two other children who get on great with her as well so its all been lovely. Will let you know how it all goes. Just have to think of something interesting to bake to take to my appointment this time. Have done the lemon and cranberry friands, the pumpkin cake so am sure I can come up with something they will like. Just a little thing some of the patients do when they have their outpatient appts and go to chemo here in little old Taranaki NZ.

  • Sending my love and best wishes, Jacqui

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear your bad news. I also went back for chemo after eight months of remission. I have now had my second line chemo and am recovering well. I am also looking at different treatment next time. My oncologist is considering hormone therapy.

    Sharon x

  • This will be my fourth time on chemo since I relapsed early 2012 after 13 months remission. I haven't had chemo since Feb this year and they are looking at putting me back on Taxol as I haven't had that for 3 years. Can't have platinum anymore, nor gemcetibine nor oral but Doc has mentioned another oral he is considering. Find out tomorrow.

  • Hi there again ..and good morning. I was wondering what oral medications had been considered and which ones had been rejected in your case. Also, do you know your type and grade? Some of the orals have very promising indications with lower toxicities seemingly .. Good morning by the way Love Tina x x

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