Saw the oncologist today, full hysterectomy and omemtum being removed in 11 days time

Wow that is quick but I would rather that for sure. Guilty until proven innocent is how the clinical specialist nurse described it. I had the choice of a 2 week wait at Llandough in Cardiff or 4 weeks in Newport, of course I chose Cardiff, yes its further for hubby but it makes sense to do it sooner then by xmas I should be feeling better.

If I hear one more person say" stay positive" though I think I will get mad, of course I wont show it, but I think you have no idea what this cyst is anymore than the surgeon so how can you say that. I have thought this way today, I think it's because this is real now and the op is soon I am getting tetchy.

Can I ask have any of you had aching hips that makes walking around painful aftervacwhile? This pain also wakes me, I can manage maybe 4 or 5 hrs before waking up and then not able to get back off because the mind wanders.

I am thinking of booking a relaxing facial next week to help me switch off.

Thanks for listening to me,

Carol x x x

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  • Best wishes Carol... thinking of you love x G x

  • Thank you x x

  • I reckon faster is better too... If in doubt, whip it out is often wise in case you are dealing with OC. I can't comment re the aches but do know I felt a hell of a lot better instantly afterwards.

    Good luck with it all and stay pos.... Oops! Yes I know it is really annoying and not much help really is it? Much better to plan for your op and recovery, it's more constructive. You do know you really won't be able to do anything for weeks after, I hope? You don't have much time to arrange things so I would focus on that. You will need help with all the household chores, will not be driving or shopping and you cannot even lift the kettle... It goes against the grain for almost all of us, for what I have seen.


    Sue xxx

  • Thanks Sue and yes I have been informed of that gosh it will be trying. Carol xx

  • Good luck Carol . It's good that everything has moved quickly as I found the waiting hard as they always thought mine was benign so things moved quite slowly. I'm too having a hysterectomy in 2 weeks so will be thinking of you, we can compare notes ;-) Having had a laparotomy in August I can only echo what Sue said that you will need help afterwards, won't be able to drive or lift heavy things, which includes the iron (See there's a positive of a different kind! ). However I was surprised that it wasn't as painful as I imagined. All the best anyway.

    Sue x

  • Hey Sue fellow hysterectomy lady. Mine is 12th November, when us yours? We indeed will have to compare notes. I cant wait for my surgery now I feel ill so the sooner the better really.

  • Hi Carol

    I have PM you hope you got it x

  • Good luck with the surgery Carol. I would definitely pamper yourself so a facial sounds good.


    Zannah x

  • Hi Zannah, I am going to book one for the end of this week :-)

    Carol xx

  • It may sound stupid Carol but do not try picking up the turkey at Christmas! It really is a big risk! You will have to settle for supervisory role! I had my first big op after Christmas and cooked but last time I went to my daughter's and got waited on!

    Supervising reminds me of phone cooking when my children were at university! I cooked by phone then!

    Lots of luck!


  • PS I have joint and back pain. My CNS advised paracetemol 4 times daily to keep the level up (I am not a great fan of pain killers but it has helped) and I also find heat patches in the daytime and a hotwater bottle at night give relief.


  • Thanks Margaret x x

  • Hi there

    A very good idea to get this thing out of you ASAP.....I delayed my operation by nearly two months ..we had a holiday booked and my consultant was adamant that this would be fine. It transpired that my cyst was cancerous after all..Wil l never know if this happened in the two months or if it was there all along.

    There is a really good website called hysterectomy forum ..find in by Google...which has all sorts of brilliant info about this operation. There are monthly virtually clubs where you can join and make contact with ladies having surgery at the same time.

    I do hope that all goes really well .

    Love and hugs xxx

  • Oh Charlie what a shock, how are you now ?

    Carol x x

  • I am fine Carol thanks , back at work etc etc. I am so hoping that you will also have a good outcome. Good luck xxx

  • Hi, sorry I assumed you were Scottish, I see you're in Wales! It's a tough operation but at least it will be over. I was told, no driving for 4 - 6 weeks, no heavy lifting, etc.. After 4 weeks I was fine, back to driving around, etc.. I drove myself to my first chemo, etc.. It took 3 months for the diagnosis to sink in, and I did have a miserable time then, that lasted for about 6 months. I was over the worst of it all within a year, probably because I managed to jump ship from a very mediocre unit to an exceptionally good one.

    As for pain before surgery, I had very sharp pain in the area of my appendix - this was assumed to be a grumbling appendix. I asked the gynaecological surgeon to get rid of that too - but he burst my bladder, and then said he had run out of theatre time. Since my op finished at 12.45, I think that meant he was hungry - he was (and still is) a very fat man. NICE guidelines for GPs have changed a lot since I was treated in 2009 - GPs are now told that they must include ovarian cancer as a possible cause of pain in the abdomen & pelvis.

    I hope it all goes well for you and that all visible disease is removed. Best, Vicky xxx

  • Oh gosh Viper hope you are ok x x

  • I hope all goes well for you, better out than in! I had pelvic pain too, I looked and felt 9 months pregnant so had the pressure constantly and found it difficult to walk or stand for long periods.

    I wish you a speedy recovery and a good outcome,

    Jacqui xxx

  • Thanks Jacqui How are you now? X x


  • Thank you all so much for your kind words of support and messages. I am feeling not the best so the sooner this is out the better but I am worried as my neck feels massive. Maybe my glands are up. I am due my pre op assessment and will be phoned with an appointment for early next week. Should I visit my gp to check me or should I ring the Cns or wait for the assessment? I dont want to delay the op . I am taking pain killers but feel I shouldnt ignore this. Silly thoughts are worrying me if this is a cancer what if irs travelled to my lymph nodes in my neck and that is what is causing the discomfort. Any advice would be welcomed x x


  • Dear Carol

    I hope you get the neck pain sorted out so you can go and concentrate on surgery on 12 November. The team at Llandough are great. Lovely nurses. The ward manager is my neighbour and she's very organised. Great surgical team too. Your consultant is the head surgeon there so you'll be in good hands. A facial sounds ideal because if you do end up having mop-up chemo beauty salons won't give you a facial. Make the most of it and buy yourself some treats for your hospital stay. xx

    xxx love Annie

  • Hi Carol

    Good luck with the op- I'd agree with Sue about whipping it out!


    Anne x

  • Hi Carol, good luck with your op, I had my op in Llandough in April, they were lovely there and I was looked after really well, they made the situation easier with their care and kindness, so at least be reassured you'll be in one of the best places for your op, all the best.

    Love Kaz xx

  • Hi Carol I'm doing well now thanks :-) My tumour was borderline so the best outcome possible as far as I'm concerned. If I'm honest, the worst part of all of this was having to rest! I didn't realise just how tiring everyday tasks were. Just having a shower wore me out but I made sure I listened to my body and didn't overdo anything.

    Sending love, Jacqui xxx

  • Just wanted to wish you good luck with your op. Can absolutely relate to the hip pain - before my op I used to dread walking anywhere- it felt like something was locking up?

    Good idea to book in some relaxing treats to enjoy before the day. Just make sure you prepare for doing practically nothing for a few weeks. Maybe cook/freeze some meals now to get ahead?

    Hope it goes well.


  • Hello.

    just wanted to pass on my thoughts and prayers to you I hope the op goes well for you. My advice would be to make sure you take it easy for a good few weeks afterwards, I rushed myself into doing normal things and I am certain that doing that made recovery harder for me.

    Yes the words stay positive may be grating on your nerves right now but there,s a lot to be said for the power of positive thinking. Try and take the comments as they are given as i'm sure that people have your best interest at heart.

    As for the hip pain I am frequently woken up with this and i cannot walk very far without my hips and legs feeling very achy and sore. But this didn't come on for until after my hysterectomy. I am an out patient in the pain clinic for this but to be honest they are at a loss as to what could be causing it.

    Any way try and relax and take it easy till your op.

    Will be thinking of you



  • Good luck with your surgery Carol. I had the same two years ago and like Suzanne rushed into doing things too quickly afterwards so I would recommend accepting all offers of help from the people that love you ( makes them feel better which is a lesson that I learned quite quickly...I tried to be independent and not bother anyone but all that my friends wanted was to feel that they were helping in some way) ...I understand exactly what you mean about the 'stay positive comment' but people have to say something and sometimes that's all they've got! I kept a journal whilst I was recovering...I can't recommend that highly enough. When you want to scream with boredom and can't watch another 'Homes under the hammer' can have a good rant into that instead! Best wishes for a full recovery x

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