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Hi everyone , I had my last chemo of this cycle last Tuesday , ime very weary but so relieved it's done . Waiting for scan appointment

And already have an appointment to see oncologist on dec 4th . It seems very strange to not have to think of next chemo . At the moment I have something called Hypomagnesiamia , caused by the chemo and waiting for bloods to be taken this week to see if it's improved if not ime going to have to have a magnesium infusion . So I've now got to try to get some normality in my life , and also try not to worry , CA125 is normal but this has never been a marker for me as was always normal , i feel I don't trust body anymore .. And that's going to be hard as my oncologist has said ppc can be persistent and stubborn .. Love to all of you ..xx

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Well done ! Hoping you start to regain your energy soon, it took me a few months , which is normal I think ! Be kind to yourself .... Love dy


Hi Elaine,

What a relief it is when chemo has finished but also an anxious time as every little ache gets our minds wondering if it's back. Take it easy and before you know it you will be back to your old self.

Love Ally xx


Yes well done for getting through the chemo ! Like a couple of the others it took a while for me to get my energy back but 5 months down the line I feel better than i have in years - the tiredness thing suddenly serms to disappear. So I wish you lots of happy days to look forward to now you are chemo free! With very best and warm wishes

Fiona xxx


Glad that you got through the chemo. You will be feeling very tired so get plenty of rest and give your mind and body a chance to recover. And start planning lots of treats for yourself.

Love and hugs

Mary xx


Dear Elft

I hope your appointment goes well on 4th December. Good on you for getting through the chemo. It can be absolutely exhausting and draining - emotionally and physically. Look after yourself now - have some treats, some rest and something to look forward to when you're feeling a bit brighter.

Hopefully the trust in your team will grow as you put the last few months behind you and move forward.

Sending loads of love and healing hugs. xxx Annie


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