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Hi all

Hi all,

Please my mum had hysterectomy 2 years ago due to ovarian cancer; she had 6 cycles of chemo and latre had radiotherapy. Now she's back on chemo again, of which she's had 3 cycles - she's due the 4th cycle next week. The thing that bothers me is, she suddenly noticed a blood discharge this am. She off to see her Doctor in the meantime.

Does anyone have an idea what this could imply? Has anyone experienced this or know someone living with ovarian cancer who has experience this? If yes, I'd appreciate any tips you can offer.



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Didn't want to read and run. Welcome to the place nobody wants to be in. Sorry to read of your mum. I too had a hysterectomy for OC in 2009 and from time to time I get bloody discharge which Gynae Onc can find no explanation for. It doesn't worry them so it doesn't worry me. Hoping your dear mum gets an explanation that eases any concerns you may both have.

Sheila. X

Do keep us updated :)


Probably nothing to worry about, Sandra started having a discharge last year, sometimes bloody, sometimes yellowish. The onc did an internal and could feel a nodule which was confirmed on the next scan. The good news is that whilst on chemo the discharge has reduced considerably which would indicate a shrinking of the nodule. I am sure your doc can investigate it. Rgds Paul x


My gynae explained that sometimes this happens to ladies after the menopause via hysterectomy route....In most cases it's nothing to worry about...

Sending best wishes to both you and your mum for a good outcome.

Love Luanna xx


Hi Last time I was at the hospital for a check up, there was a lady there with the same problem, so I waited until after she saw the oncologist.... he examined her and said there was nothing untoward... so there was nothing to worry wishes to you and your mum.

Love x G x


Hi there

Yes I was also told by surgeon that this was to be expected for quite a while after surgery. My onc also did say to report it to her though so she could monitor. Sometimes because of an issue - but equally likely to be a kind of random body occurrence. Something perhaps worth adding, which I learned actually from my fathers cancer treatment, which is that radiotherapy can weaken some cell walls and membranes etc in the vicinity - his was on bladder, after radiotherapy in the prostate zone. So sometimes radiotherapy can leave little damages which show up later. Just a thought, perhaps worth asking about?

Good luck, and thank you for us all for being a strong supporter for your mum


Sue xxx


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